Guild Level 67
Dec 6, 2015
Guild Master
Hello everybody ! We, Leman, are glad to announce to the Hypixel server that we're looking for new members to complete our ranks !

First, we'll do a small presentation about who we are, when was the guild
created, and what are the requirements to join the guild. I just want to clear that
we both want competitivity and chill inside the guild. We're a friendly community
and toxic players can just go away, whatever are their levels.


Who are we ?:

Leman is a swiss guild created on December 12th of the year 2015 by Oluprite (so me).
During the first 4 years, we were not very fast to earn levels, we just wanted to chill
together and we did not care about that.

But since the summer of the year 2019, many changes have
been done inside the guild. We have decided to be competitive and many rules were changed
as many players joined us too.

During the month of September, our guild level was 36, so we earned more
than 30 levels thank to our great players and our great community.
We're glad to remember every player who joined us and we don't forget that !
We did our first GvG against ''Les Gaulois'' on 16th February 2020 and we're
trying to organise much more tournaments.
Thank you @droneM4 for having accepted our first true challenge !


Special thanks to those players who helped a lot to figure as such a great guild and left:

Dixay, Janulek, FoxXarmageddon, TGOutBreak, FiReTaPs, YaBoyStressed, Fireway, BattlePass, Soltera, XxMLGManChildxX, TragicMSG, Internal9/JamboYT, Qher, Odeloten



Leman - Les Gaulois --> 0-3 took place on: 2020-02-16
our team: PlzFightMe, DavidCampbell, Cyntiax, Camelalloy

We mainly play Bedwars, but also Skyblock and Skywars.

The guild is owned by @OnlyEcho , @TGOutbreak and Oluprite


Requirements to join Leman:

-Respect other players and, by the way, not being toxic
-Not having any cheat and don't play with cheaters. If it's the case, you'll be kicked
-Participate to create a great ambiance inside the guild, that's what we would like to.

-Hypixel level: at least 50
-Bedwars stars: at least 150
-Skywars' win: at least 500
-Game time per week: at least 5 hours
-Minimal amount of guild experience: at least 60'000 guild experience / week


If you're inactive for more than a week:

Tell Oluprite, OnlyEcho or TGOutbreak, then you'll be put on an ''inactive list'' of players that can't play and you won't be kicked. We respect the fact that you're busy, and we want our members to enjoy their
lifes more than having pressure about a videogame​


How to apply ?

(your name on Minecraft)

Age: (optional, if you don't want to tell that, then you aren't forced to do this

Did you have problems or banishments before on the server ?: (if yes, explain)

Do you think you're ''Lemanitic'' ?: (to be Lemanitic is to chill, to be looking for competitivty too and enjoying to play with some players on the server)

Your game time per week: (how much time do you play a week ?)

What previous guilds were you in ?: (explain in what guilds were you to see if you're experienced about guilds and the fact of playing together. If it's not the case, don't worry we'll help you to integrate as good as possible)


Current achievable ranks:

(Why do you think you could fill this rank, what type of player could you add to the guild)

Veteran: (You automatically have it if we see that you earn more than 80'000 guild experience during 2 days in a row OR if you earn more than 50'000 guild experience during 5 days in a row)

Manager: If you're a good recruiter, participate a lot and try to make the guild better, we could discuss about a promotion until the rank of Manager.​


Commands allowed:


Guildmaster and Leaders:

Managers: add people, change the settings, organise GvGs, promote or demote people, speak in the officer chat, mute players, check the logs

invite people, add people

Veterans: giving advices on Discord, work to join our staff, viewing stats
Pros: viewing stats

Our staff:

Owners ->
Oluprite, OnlyEcho, TGOutbreak
Managers -> CxteOwl, Abstractious, Mainwunder, GaryTheCoolGuy, PlzFightMe, Cyntiax, Menneke, JancoM
Recruiters -> Penigloo, EzClicks, Mudja, DavidCampbell, Vortexious, Sleva_San, Ryaaaaaaaaaaaan_, Eighty83Three
Thank you very much for having read !We hope to

see you soon on Hypixel's games !
We'll answer to every application and tell you why you're accepted or why you were denied as soon as possible !


For more informations, contact me:

---> to join our Discord
---> To apply, go there ->✖leman✖-top-300-level-67-discord-bedwars-skyblock-and-skywars-competition-chill.2619366/