Guild Level 44
Jun 7, 2018
Guild Master
Leggo My EGGOs

Our Guild is a fairly new Guild into the community, but the players have been in the community for so so long. We strive to be the best Guild, not only statistic wise but also activity wise.
We host Guild Events, we keep track of our social media and what's going on around us, we like to inform current Guild Members about Guild Info and upcoming future events taking place.

How We Do Things Around Here
We try to keep things as organized and done in an orderly fashion.
Although our Guild is pushing more towards a Bedwars Guild, we accept Members from different areas of the server such as Skywars & Duels too! And Maybe The Pit ;)

Join Us!
If you're interested in joining, feel free to apply on forums via :»-the-avengers-academy-✦-green-tag-avenge-✦-low-reqs-✦-active.1932103/
Good luck! :)