Guild Level 22
Jun 18, 2018
Guild Master

Light - Hypixel Guild
Guild Recruitment!

-=- About us -=-
We are a competitive bedwars, skywars and duels guild. We mostly focus on how much daily xp we earn.
The guild was created about 4 months ago and got to level 21 that quick!
We are in need of staff so please leave your applications in discord once you've joined the guild.

-=- Our Perks -=-
  1. Level 21
  2. 100+ Members
  3. Active Grinding
  4. Own Resourcepack
  5. Own Discord server
  6. Custom mod list with over than 30 mods! (for those who are not fine with their mods and want some new stuff!)
  7. Tag [L]
  8. YouTube Channel (I own it. I upload 5+ times a week and currently on 200 subs. Got that in 10 days.(I can say my content is "quality"))
  9. Own banner (made by me. I really think it looks very good)
  10. Own custom guild optifine cape
And much more!

-=- Discord Server -=-
We have a discord server currently with more than 50 Humans! We offer a lot of roles, fun roles, custom roles, leveled roles. Our discord currently has 150 roles which can be obtained!
Our discord is public. However if you are not in the guild you will get much less perms than a guild member.
Before you join the discord, you have to go to #rules, read them all and then click the green check mark (agree rating).

-=- Our Goals -=-
As a guild and as whole we have some goals. Our main goal is to get in the top 100 guilds (currently #178).
We got from #260
To #178 in just a month.
If we keep going, our goal to get to the top 100 guilds of hypixel will become true.
We also have a goal of having an extremely positive and non-toxic community! To make this come true, we have some rules in our guild.

-=- Guild Rules -=-

1. No harassment, racism, sexism etc.
Any kinds of these things will lead to a very serious warning and a long mute, and if that happens again we will kick you without a chance of applying back.
If you are one of the new members and have broken the rule, we have the right to kick you without a warning since you should've read the rules before joining us.

2. No bullying, scamming, making fun-of etc.
The punishment will be made depending on the situation. If you get a lot of warnings, you will be kicked.
Everyone has the right to be free and nobody must stop anyone from having this right.

3. Respect staff's decisions and no arguing.
Whatever staff says, you should do it. If you think it's absurd or something against the rules what is staff telling you to, then report them with evidence in our discord.

4. No toxicity
to make this guild a better place we are not allowing toxicity. That includes being salty. You are also not allowed to complain about your personal stuff In guild chat constantly, that could lead to a mute. Swear words are allowed but only in small amounts and not against anyone. Words like f***, b****, n**** etc are extremly inappropriate and are not allowed at all.

5. Follow all hypixel rules.
This might seem obvious, but we must include it. If you don't follow them and we find you hacking or whatsoever that is not allowed in the rules, you will be punished. Hacking is an instant kick and we will add you to our blacklist. (You will NEVER be able to join us again after that. )

To join us, there are a few requirements.

1000 wins overall
500 wins in a specific mode.

500 wins overall

500 wins overall
50 Stars, 5 fkdr
Any star, 10 fkdr

Hypixel Level 20+
+ Earn at least 10k gripper week.

-=- Join us | Apply -=-
Do you accept our rules?

What requirement/s do you meet?:

Hypixel level?:

Do you have discord?:

Will you join discord?:

Average daily hourd spent on hypixel?:

Average weekly hours spent on hypixel?:

On a scale From 1 - 10, what do you think your PvP skills are on? (You can get accepted even if they are 1, but just tell the truth.):

What guilds were you previously in?:

Tell us about yourself!:

Anything else?:​