Guild Level 36
Guild Rank 21
Duels Rank 21
BedWars Rank 23
Legacy Rank 85
May 10, 2016
Guild Master

Kathios [KATH]
Welcome to Kathios,
We are a large non-competitive guild which approximately reaches the max of 125 members in a short period of time.

We are strict on toxicity and will not allow it in the guild, this gives our members an enjoyable experience being able to communicate with friendly individuals and hopefully to make new friends.

We have a friendly, professional staff team ready to help and communicate with our members whether it’s resolving situations or just having a nice chat. Furthermore our staff host fun events to keep things iterative, these events are usually based on what the members want the most so that we can host events that almost everyone can enjoy.

Our guild is directly aimed at the three most popular game modes known as; Bedwars, Skywars and Duels. If you meet the requirements for one or more of these game modes you will be able to apply for the guild.

Since our guilds goal isn’t to be competitive and we just want a relaxing community we have low requirements so even the newer players have a good chance in joining the guild if they work to meet our requirements.

for more information, click here for our guild thread!