Guild Level 67
Mega Walls Rank 1
Nov 25, 2018
Guild Master

Jagares is a guild lead by [MVP+] cijaye and was created on the 25th of November 2018.

This guild is mainly revolving around games like Mega Walls. The main goal of the guild is to make new friends to play with and to have a nice, enjoyable time together.

The #1 on Mega Walls Guild Experience.

We usually do guild events on Saturdays. Which are appreciated, the events are usually private gamemodes of TNT tag, Mega Walls Challenge Mode, or other fun things!

The guild is quite active and there are usually 10-35 members online at the same time (of course it also depends on what day).

Part of The Fundamental Bond guild alliance :D


The guild started off as a small group of friends on the 25th of November 2018 by Peaps (jagare7) and CiJaye (jagare6) just for fun. As time passed on, the creators of the guild wanted to make the guild something bigger, something that they thought was an achievement, this was because the guild was starting to grow by a large percent. That's why they decided to make the guild public and that has now lead to our #1 Mega Walls position. Jagares has also gone through a lot of merges with old guilds such as Mocambique, Team Israel, Betrayed and Fourtion. The guild has also gone through a lot of drama such as people stealing our guild name. But we're not going to let that disappoint us, we want to make this guild have a fun time together and to enjoy the game togheter, as a friendly community.



[MVP+] cijaye


[MVP+] Trond_09
[MVP+] Formeel
[MVP++] Dagals

Officers/Trial Officers

[MVP+] MerryS0ULS
[VIP] non1508
[VIP+] BoomeRom
[MVP+] OhWellDone
[VIP] FollowDaLeader
[VIP+] Lonttano
[MVP+] Tauo
[MVP+] Kokora​


Network Level: Level 60+
Weekly Activity of atleast 3 logins per week.
And be LEGIT!

Additional Game Stat Requirements: (3 of your choice)

SkyWars: 750 wins
TNT Games: 600 total wins
The Walls: 50 wins
Mega Walls: 300 wins or 750fk
Turbo Kart Racers: 100 wins
Quakecraft: 500 wins
Paintball: 500 wins
Arena Brawl: 500 wins
VampireZ: 1K human kills or 2K Vamp kills
Cops and Crims: 250 wins
Blitz Survival Games: 250 wins
Smash Heroes: level 500
Arcade Games: 2000 total wins
Murder Mystery: 1250 wins
Duels: 1750 wins
Bedwars: 100 Lvls/Stars
UHC: 4 star


1. IGN:

2. Discord Tag (Required):

3. Timezone (GMT):

4. Previous Guilds:

5. Network level:

6. Main Gamemode(s):

7. Links to Plancke:

8. Picture of /g member IGN (If you are currently in a guild):

9. What requirements do you meet?

10. Additional Information:

If you get accepted and need to be invited again, please DM one of our Staff.​