Guild Level 15
Jul 18, 2017
Guild Master
Previously known as Veltrax in 2017. » Igniters is the official revival of the old guild. Our goal is to establish and build a safe and fun community for both Bedwars and Skywars players alike. We do have a lot of plans for the future: hosting events, GvGs, partnering up, etc. Overall, our goal is to build trust with one another and slowly build up friendship, as well as happiness.

» We are primarily a Bedwars and Skywars guild but we play a lot of other games too! We, the staff team, are very determined and confident to make the guild a unique guild that will leave you wanting for more.

In order to apply for Igniters you need to have this basic things.
  • A discord account were you can join our discord server
  • Be active on the server as well as on the forums
  • Be (AT LEAST) level 20+
  • Love life!
Before submitting an application, you must leave your current guild. Do not apply if you don't believe you will good for the guild. Applications will be accepted/rejected based on your answers and the recruiters opinion. Don't worry, we'll always give a strong reason to deny/accept your application.

We are currently looking for a lot of types of members. READ EACH QUESTION IN ORDER TO AVOID PROBLEMS.

Application format:

(Please, read each detail and question that we ask, so the team member can review your application better. You are free to apply here or to message one of the head members. Copy and pasting will not be tolerated.)

  • ►In-Game Name (IGN):
  • ►What rank are you applying for? (Bold the answer): Member/Officer/EventManager/Helper
  • ►Depending on what rank you've chosen, why you want to apply for that rank?
  • ►Rank (On Hypixel):
  • ►What are the main games that you like to play?
  • ►What is your network level on Hypixel?

As our guild was revived a while ago, our members were removed, so we are looking for new ones!
Anyway, our guild is composed mainly by two players @TomyFX and @Pengful.

[​IMG] [​IMG]

You are free to contact any of this people if you have any question of the guild!

Note: Application members can take up to a day or two to answer, if you become aggressive or really impatient we will remove you from the guild or even blacklist you from joining igniters.
Members: Click here



[Guild Tag: [Ignite] ]

[Guild Discord]

[Guild Party]

[Guild Motd]

[Guild members 2/30]


[ Staff Roles ]
-[Advisors] They are officers in game and have passed their trial period. They keep the guild clean and are trusted people who have contributed to the guild.

-[Advisors+] - They are officers in game and are VERY trusted. They manage the guild AND server and are basically in with more ideas and plans.

-[SubOwner] - Reserved for Peng. Partner with Tomy and manages the guild alongside Tomy.

-[Owner] - Reserved for Tomy. The main owner and manages and watches over everything.

[Events Organizers] - They organize events as their name states. Events such as GvGs and in game guild events will be planned by them.

[Applications Team] - They have the ability to deny or accept applications. They are given the privilege to accept/deny players on the guild thread.

[Helpers Team] - They are basically Trial Officers / people who have volunteered to make the server a better place. Not officers in game, but they help keep the server clean and make sure everyone follows the rules. Sometimes people in this team are promoted into actual Officers.

[Reporters Team] - They report people who have broken the rules to Helpers in #reporting. For more info, just go to #reports-template.
[ Level Up Roles ] Ordered highest to lowest.
@ Ignited! - Highest leveling up role, obtainable when you reach LVL 18.
@ Hot Stuff! - 2nd highest leveling up role, obtainable when you reach LVL 12.
@ Super Lit! - The 2nd rank in the leveling up roles, obtainable when you reach LVL 7.
@ Lit! - The lowest rank in the leveling up roles, obtainable when you reach LVL. 4.
Discord: Please take note that abusing or spamming isn't tolerated and will result in a total blacklist of the guild:


As we mentioned before, we are looking for members that want to become event makers anyway. If you are interested in organizing a guild vs guild tournament with us, please contact TomyFX or the Sub Owner. Our main goal is to make a ton of events so everyone can enjoy their time and have tons of fun while been inside Igniters!

If you get accepted, a guild member will contact you in order to join.