Guild Level 59
Build Battle Rank 1
Jul 20, 2018
Guild Master
Heya! Welcome to iSoup's page. We're a build battle-focused guild that has a very welcoming and friendly community. We have fun activities like weekly guild parties, special events, contests, and more!

Don't worry if you don't constantly want to play build battle! We're not trying to force people to grind the game; we just wanna have fun with people who have similar interests!

If you're interested in joining the guild, we have a testing process everyone has to go through to make sure that no one negative or toxic joins the guild and that they have some building skill. Though I wish we could take everyone who loves build battle in, the guild limit prevents that. :( Our current requirement is 5k score, but if you're under that, don't be afraid to ask a staff member! We have people who are willing to help you get up to that score so you can be tested. Contact any members of our lovely staff team if you wish to join! They can help you from there. :D

Just kidding. Here's ours:

1. No harassment or hate speech that transgresses upon general banter will be tolerated. (This includes homophobic, racist, mysgognic, and transphobic speech).
2. Excessive spamming and/or flooding of the guild chat or guild parties is prohibited.
3. Swearing is allowed. However, racial, transphobic or homophobic slurs are NOT allowed.
4. Do not attempt to bypass censors or rules in any way.
5. The order of authority lies in staff tiers. For example, an Administrator may bypass a decision made by a member of the Recruitment Team. HopieChow and smollish have the final say in any dispute.
6. Do not advertise any guilds. This includes advertising iSoup in lobbies.
7. Do not post any sexual content here or talk about sexual topics. There are children.
8. Please keep the chat English! Not all of the moderators can speak multiple languages.
9. Please do not constantly ask if you can be promoted! If you wish to apply, simply ask any staff member how to do so. If you don't make the staff team, please don't start complaining either!
10. Have fun!

Staff have the right to mute people if they deem them to be disruptive or doing something wrong, even if said thing is not stated explicitly in the rules. If you feel like a staff member is abusing their power, message Hopie.

These apply to both our Discord and our guild chat!

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Thank you for checking out iSoup's page!

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or suggestions, feel free to message me on here (I don't check often), Hypixel itself, or Discord (Edgy Lemon#2570)!

Best regards,