Guild Level 23
Build Battle Rank 1
Jul 20, 2018
Guild Master
Hi, welcome to iSoup's guild page!

iSoup is a friendly, active, build battle-focused guild that focuses both on a positive and happy community at the same time as playing build battle! To join is fairly simple, unlike other build battle guilds with extremely high requirements. iSoup's requirement is at skilled right now. All someone would do to join would be to contact a recruitment member and quickly play some games with them.

And yes, though this page is fairly bland, it's still not fully done. It'll be complete sometime after the realm, unless someone else volunteers to work on the page.

Don't beg people to join.
No racism, sexism, transphobia or homophobia. If you believe in those things, please keep it to yourself.
Don't joke about serious topics like mental illness if it's making other people uncomfortable.
Nothing 18+ in the Discord or the guild chat.
Do not hand out the Discord link, as it is for the guild.
Excessively rude behavior to other players or guilds is not allowed.
Leaving and rejoining constantly is not allowed. You will not be invited back if you continue after a warning.
Do not argue with the staff over rules. If the staff member is abusing their power, alert the guild master.
Swearing is fine for the most part, however, no racial slurs, please.
Being inactive for over a month will have you kicked.

One failure to follow any of these rules will result in a warning and a possible mute, depending on the severity.
A second one will result in another warning, followed by a 1 day mute.
The third will have you kicked from the guild.
However, no warning will be given if it's something very severe.
If you see someone break one of the rules, screenshot it and alert a staff member.