Guild Level 68
Duels Rank 21
Jul 2, 2017
Guild Master


HyperLeague is an extremely large, competitive and community oriented guild, which specialises in SkyWars, Duels and BedWars, however, we are open to players from all over the community, especially since the new guild update allows GEXP to be earned across all modes. The guild was first created in July 2017 with very few members, with myself being the only really active player. I grinded Guild Coins every day, surpassing 470k in May 2018. I had read and contributed to the 2018 Guild Update Discussion Thread (, which motivated me to take my guild seriously. On May 11th, 2018 I changed the guild's name to HyperLeague and persuaded some PVP tryhard friends to join. On May 12th, we created our Discord and maxed out the Daily Guild Coins Limit to 20k and hit the limit on the same day, for the first ever time. Now we are established and recruiting new members, with one goal: to grow and grind for the leaderboards.

LINK TO APPLICATION THREAD✪-⚔-hyperleague-guild-⚔-✪.1658970/