Guild Level 14
Feb 24, 2018
Guild Master
Hello, and welcome to Hype City. This is a guild that is friendly and non-competitive. We enjoy playing every game on Hypixel, and you are free to join by typing /Guild Join Hype City. Players that have not logged on for more than 75 Days will be kicked for inactivity.
We also have 3 guild ranks that can be earned through being a long time guild member, and being an active Hypixel player.
Trusted: Must be a member for 200+ days, and be Hypixel Level 25+
Elite: Must be a member for 400+ days, and be Hypixel Level 50+
Officer: Must be a member for 600+ days, and be Hypixel Level 100+

This is a Hypixel guild that was Founded by CaptainSonic. After he became more inactive on the server, he decided it would be best to pass ownership on to someone else who would be online more often. The person that took ownership was MrMagicarp. CaptainSonic is still in the guild, and is a Co-Master. If you see him online then please say hi.