Guild Level 10
May 12, 2014
Guild Master
Hybridz is a Mega Walls guild primarily based around having fun created by Maitriix, Slain, Morgan and SethShock. The members are on the Teamspeak every day, having lots of fun playing games of Mega Walls and other minigames. All of the officers and members are very active and sociable through Teamspeak and the Server. In all honesty, Hybridz is more of a family than a 'guild' as we all get a long and play almost everyday with the intention of having a laugh.
If you're looking into joining hybridz we do have requirements but it's fairly easy to get in.
  • Own teamspeak
  • Come on a lot
  • Speak very good English, preferably not a squeaker
  • Have the intention of having a laugh with the lads as opposed to tryharding in games
  • There are no in game requirements, just be ok at the game... Banter > Tryhard