Guild Level 33
SkyWars Rank 21
Crazy Walls Rank 23
Apr 11, 2016
Guild Master

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Hearts is a guild created to bring active SkyWars players together.
It is a primarily competitive SkyWars guild that is constantly expanding.

Although we mainly involve ourselves with the SkyWars game, venturing
into other aspects of the network is not out of reach. We hope to provide players
with an environment where they can meet others while playing the game.


As this is a SkyWars guild, we typically stick to that game, involving parties
for mega, solo, and teams. Along with this, we plan on holding private guild parties during the weekends so the guild will be able to compete against
each other and have fun. Discord will be in use.


You can apply for the guild through this forums thread: Here

Requirements (SkyWars):
• 35,000+ kills
• 4,500+ wins

[MVP+] PileOfBodies

[Mod] Zimor (Head)
[MVP+] zChipmunk_ (Head)
[MVP+] Swaft (Head)
[MVP+] Cyld
[MVP++] ADirtBlock
[MVP++] DutchPing
[MVP++] FO0T

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