Guild Level 53
Guild Rank 76
Murder Mystery Rank 22
Nov 16, 2017
Guild Master
Guild Tag: [GRYPH]

Gryph is a non-competitive, all-games Hypixel guild. Our guild is made up of friendly and supportive members throughout the Network. Our goal has always been to be an active and friendly community. To achieve it, we have created strict rules and requirements.

We don't specialize in specific games as we know that all players like to spend their time in different areas of the server. We also don't judge our members based on their game stats.

❖ Must have 30+ Network Level

❖ Recruits must earn more than 25,000 GEXP in 7 days to get the Member rank. If Recruits get less than 25,000 GEXP in 7 days, they get kicked from the guild!
UPDATE: Starting from October 1st, 2019: Recruits must earn more than 30,000 GEXP in 10 days to get the Member rank.
*Last time when Recruit requirements were updated: September 15th, 2019*

❖ Members (and Officers) must earn more than 70,000 GEXP in 30 days to stay in the guild. If Members (and Officers) get less than 70,000 GEXP in 30 days, they get kicked from the guild!
*Last time when Member and Officer requirements were updated: May 31st, 2019*

❖ If Members want to get the Elite rank, they must get more than 400,000 GEXP in 30 days. Elite must earn more than 400,000 GEXP every month to stay as Elite. If Elite gets less than 400,000 GEXP in a month, they will be demoted back to Member!
*Last time when Elite requirements were updated: July 31st, 2019*

Note: If you are communicating with other guild members and helping them in some way, and have never been muted or kicked, you have a decent chance of becoming an officer.
We will constantly check if Officers are muted or not to make sure the guild staff is ready to help new guild members.

Note: Guild Master has rights not to promote people if they have been punished (muted or kicked) before and/or have a bad relationship between them and Guild Staff.
Decisions are final.


❖ If you are going to be inactive, inform Guild Head Officer or Guild Master! If the Guild Head Staff is not online, send a message to Guild Master on forums (UnknownFact) or Discord (UnknownFact#0001)! Do not inform us if you are going to be inactive for less than one week! :)
❖ Respect all members of the guild!
❖ Don't be toxic!
❖ No racism or sexism!
❖ No encouragement of suicide!
❖ Don't ask for ranks or promotions! All guild stats are being checked once a week, if you believe you have got the next rank, be patient until stats are being checked.
❖ Don't advertise other guilds, discord servers, pornography, screamers, viruses, etc!
❖ Don't swear!
❖ Don't create unnecessary drama!
❖ Don't target or threaten anyone!
How to join?
You can write /g join Gryph and wait for a guild staff to accept your request.

Guild Staff:
UnknownFact - Guild Master (UnknownFact#0001)
qag - Guild Head Officer

Oskipow - Guild Officer
MinecraftPhysics - Guild Officer
GreatDepression - Guild Officer
xTaavi - Guild Officer

Guild Master - responsible for inviting new people, promotions, demotions, and kicks.
Guild Head Officer - responsible for inviting new people.
Guild Officer - moderating the chat.

Guild Level 15 + Aqua Guild Tag Color - September 26th, 2018
Guild Level 25 +
Green Guild Tag Color - January 8th, 2019
Guild Level 45 +
Yellow Guild Tag Color - July 10th, 2019

Guild Level 65 + Special Characters In Guild Tag - ???