Guild Level 45
Nov 2, 2017
Guild Master
Welcome to Grapes! Our guild is mainly based on competitive player versus player, (PvP) games.
The most frequently played, SkyWars, Bedwars, and The Pit.
We like doing Arcade Games as well to end the day on a good note.
Right now, our guild is pretty active for Skyblock too.

Our requirements are simple:​
  • Be active, holidays are acceptable (Just let us know in advance.)​
  • Have fun!​
  • Saltiness is acceptable but to a minimum, try to be a good sport!​
  • Have discord to have better communication throughout our guild ;)

Our Leader, ImTra, is 16 years old. He played Hypixel very frequently and got addicted but not to the extent of insanity. He bought MVP+ for the perks but mainly to start his own guild. He wanted to be a part of a group, in this case owning it, where the members are active individuals who are well-going and mature but humorous at the same time.
So he started recruiting his friends on the server, and our very first Officer in the guild, Bikkie, is a very close friend of his, making him a very trustable member of the guild.

Thanks for checking out our guild and may you be in our guild someday!

To join the guild, apply on our guild discord.
Click HERE to join the guild discord.​