Guild Level 35
Guild Rank 26
Arcade Games Rank 1
Apr 13, 2018
Guild Master

In January 2017, a group of pro football players came together to form what is now known as [GOAL]. We kept gathering more players and eventually our guild maxed out all perks. We reformed in April 2018 and once again formed a decently sized, active community.

The guild update left our guild with many problems as the game football that the vast majority of our guild mained gave no guild experience. This challenged us greatly and we could barely achieve top 500 overall on the leaderboard. When guild experience in football was finally fixed in mid-October, this all changed…

We started climbing rapidly in the rankings of both Arcade and in the overall guild rankings. In just two months, we gained #1 spot in Arcade and top 70 overall. In the month of December, we earnt over 33 million guild experience in Arcade, which is the 6th largest amount of guild experience earnt on one game mode by a guild in December (the top 5 were all bedwars guilds).

About us

Today, we stand 32nd in the guilds rankings with a projection of at least top 25. We are no longer a football guild and we are in the process of opening up to the entire arcade community.

We do not have any official rules and we like to act laid back mostly, however, you should act in a way that is socially acceptable.

Guild Staff


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