Guild Level 33
Guild Rank 9
Warlords Rank 20
Legacy Rank 10
Jan 26, 2014
Guild Master
Friendly Riot - A kindness-spreading guild

Friendly Riot is a guild focusing on a friendly atmosphere. We don't like being involved in drama (who does :)) and we are open to all active and friendly players. We are a kindness-spreading guild that makes the time on the server as pleasant as possible to everyone.


The guild started out on day one of guilds when it was created by [HELPER] MatthewRTP. Back then it was called Running Riot and was a guild looking for skilled players in at least one game. This was the old guild thread: HERE
The guild was always in the top guilds on coins, Friendly Riot currently has
Legacy Rank 10 and is #10 on the guild Xp leaderboards!
We are the highest rank guild with pretty low joining requirements!
Now we are a friendly community of players of various skill levels. We don't necessarily sweat in games - but we do like winning. Come and join our guild discord!
Everyone in our guild is a Friend, members who have been here for 100+ days become Superfriends and are rewarded for it!
We are now Guild Level 25+ and have the Green Guild Tag!

Requirements/ Joining our guild

Our guild doesn't have strict joining requirements. As long as you are a friendly and active player you can feel free to join. We have to requirements that can be used as a guideline if you think about joining. Fullfilling one requirement of these is sufficient. If you are close to fullfilling one and you will reach it soon you needn't wait, apply now . The requirements are just a guideline, not a rule.

Requirements (only a guideline):

At least 100 wins in any game
Network level 30

How to apply:

The easiest way to apply is to reply to this thread using the following format:

Your minecraft username
Why do you want to join?
Tell us why you would like to join our guild. Write whatever you like, if you like potatoes that's fine, too :D. Just say why you want to join

Do you meet a requirement?
Note that you don't necesarily have to meet a requirement, but it is better if you do If you meat one, tell us which requirement you fullfill.
Are you friendly?
I guess you are if you want to join Friendly Riot. You can simply say "yes" or show how you spread kindness on the server.

If you are in a guild, try to leave it before applying as we cannot send you an invite if you are in another guild. If you join a new guild after applying for us we will remove you from the waiting list assuming you have found a guild that suits you
WARNING: As we have very many applications it might take upto a month until we can invite you as we don't have that many slots :/

You can also apply directly via the server if you don't have a forum account but please bear in mind that I might not always have the time to deal with server applications, you might have to be patient.


I. Don't hack
II. Don't break any other official server rules
III. Be friendly to all players on the server
IV. Avoid drama/don't get dragged in
V. Please don't swear in guild chat
VI. If you will be inactive, please try to tell me in advance. If you don't log in for 3 weeks and you haven't told me about it you might be kicked for inactivity :( So please tell me when you will be away so you don't get kicked :)
If you break the rules, I might have to kick you from the guild. Keep it friendly.

Significant Members:

[MVP++] TheAluMinion - The one and only Guildmaster :D

[MVP+] moojek

Guild Council:
[MVP++] ZapPika
[MVP+] Placid
[VIP+] TheOtherVerion
[MVP+] MrSoupy
[MVP+] moojek

[MVP+] FriendNotFood
[MVP++] ZapPika
[MVP] MrSoupy
[MVP+] Corql

Event Managers:
[MVP+] Digital_Swirl
[VIP+] TheOtherVerion
[MVP+] Ilyxalora
[MVP+] SpreadPositivity
[MVP+] Placid
[MVP+] DaDerp

Additional guild information:

Guild name: Friendly Riot
Guild motto: A kindness-spreading guild
Guild EXP: A lot!
Guild tag: [FRIEND]
Guild page: HERE
Guild thread: HERE
We also have a guild discord.

If you have any suggestions concerning the guild, feel free to share them. ;)

We are looking forward to all new members!