Guild Level 32
Jun 7, 2015
Guild Master
Forums, a laid back guild.

This guild used to be for people dedicated to the forums but we've switched to a guild that accepts everyone. There are no stats requirements since they're not needed, the only actual requirement is that you'll have to be active. When we need to make room for new players we'll kick the inactive players to make space for them. The guild was created a long time ago, in 2015, and is still somewhat active till this day.

The guild has had a lot of names and could change again at any time if this page is outdated tell me so I can update it.

Who manages the guild?

Why no requirements? It's not needed in our view, the only thing that matters is if you're a nice person and not the stats. You can talk to people in the guild chat or play a few good ol' games of turbo kart racers.

Want to join? Simply open a conversation with me, @Daniel, or message me in-game if I'm online, Disliked. Hope to see you in the guild!