Guild Level 67
Dec 9, 2017
Guild Master
The Official Guild of ReborningBurn & moko153

Forever Friends

Tag: [BFF] ✅

Guild MOTD: (Discord Link) ✅

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Welcome to Forever Friends! Forever Friends is a friendly guild on the Hypixel Network that was released on December 9th, 2017. In Forever Friends, we don't focus a lot on stats, but more in the community. Our goal is to have a kind, respectful, and happy community while having fun! We are currently recruiting any members and pretty much anyone could join if you love Minecraft. We just ask that you have a fun and respect other guild members and the guild officers decisions.

In our guild, you can almost find all types of gamers to play with. We play different kinds of games, such as Bedwars, Murder Mystery and Prototype Games. At the same time, we do accept all joining requests. The reason is we don’t want stats to determine a person’s freedom to have fun with different sides of players. I wish the best of luck to all gamers and hope you all have a nice day! :D

Guild Masteer: moko153

Guild Members: Click HERE


Feel free to join our discord and interact with our guild members, and enjoy a good time being here!

Click HERE


1. Please respect all the members of the guild! We may all have our opinions, but we want players to have the experience they deserve.
2. Respect all the guild officers decisions. If you think they are abusing their permissions, please private message ReborningBurn (me)
3. All the Hypixel Rules apply to the guild.
4. Please try to be active. I know that some members may be inactive because of their reasons, but try to be online for at least one day per week. Please private message me if you are going to be inactive.
5. Do not spam the guild chat.
6. No profanity or keep it at minimum. There may be younger members in the guild.
7. Hacking, or cheating, is not allowed! You will be kicked from the guild.
8. Have Fun!

Whether you break, or bend these rules, is up to the guild master and officers. They will enforce these rules, and decide your punishment, whether it be a temporary kick, or ban.

More comprehensive rules are posted in the guild discord.


To apply for the guild, please copy and paste the application below, fill it out and reply to the thread. Although the requirements, we still expect that you have some the requirements. We may have exceptions depending on certain circumstances.

We expect all members to meet 3 of the following to get into the guild. As I said before, although we don’t focus a lot on stats, there may still be exceptions depending on the certain circumstances.

1. Hypixel Network Level: 15+
2. Achievement Points: 100+
3. Quests Completed: 40+
4. Any games: 50 wins (total) (any mode)
5. Discord (optional)
6. A Positive Attitude

You made it this far! Why not apply for our guild? Remember, only apply if you meet the requirements. Otherwise, you will not receive a reply. It makes the job of our officers in charge of recruiting members, much easier. Thank you.

Copy and paste the following questions into your application message, fill it out, and reply to the thread.

1) What is your in-game name (IGN)?

2) How old are you?

3) Your Hypixel level?

4) What requirements do you meet?

5) How many days can you go on a week?

6) Do you use Discord (recommended) (Y/N)?

7) Why do you want to join the guild?

8) Anything else you want us to know?

Good luck with your applications! We hope to have you as a member of our guild!

If you have any questions, do not be afraid to contact an officer under this thread, or start a conversation with them.

GUILD FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can I have officer? I only promote members to officer when I feel like they deserve the position. You currently can not apply for officer, but there may be a way in the future.

What happens if i'm going to be away for vacation, tests, etc? Please private message me (ReborningBurn), NohxJuzLag or EpicManSam on Hypixel or Discord, and let them know how long you're going to be inactive. We understand that members have other important things to do as well. We would just like to know and prevent kicking wrong person as we have the maximum of 7 days offline policy.

Will we be doing any guild events? Yup. We usually just do many events like almost everyday.

1. Ranks And Other Hypixel Items Giveaway: I usually do various giveaway randomly, like you wouldn’t know when will it be held. So my advice is to stay active, so you will be able to enter the giveaway when I announce it on the guild channel.

2. Various Games and Private Games: In the guild, you could never feel the feeling of lonely. Because our guild will always have at least one party to let guild members to join for fun.

3. Roleplay Housing: The theme is about a highschool prom, which is made by ReborningBurn(me).

If you have any other questions, feel free to private message one of the guild officers! :)