Guild Level 68
Mega Walls Rank 9
Sep 9, 2018
Guild Master
Guild Requirements:
The Current Guild Requirements To Join Is Having
- All 3 Level 7 Slayer (750k+ Preferred (Our Guild Slayer Average))
- Average Skill Level 22.5​
- 50 Mil Midas
- Superior Dragon Armor
- An Extra 50 Mil In Coins Or Something Impressive​

Exceptions Are Sometimes Made But We Are Looking For People That Exceed Those Requirements Not That Barely Meet Them.

Guild Stats:
Currently, the #1 guild in Slayer with 853,209 Average XP. We are #2 in Skill Average Level but actually #1 if we take our best 47 members the amount in SkyBorn with a Skill Level Average of 26.13, with all our members our average is 23.61. We are also the richest guild in items and coins!
Also, Nitroholic's Guild HQ in the Village is our Guild house and that's a fact! :p

Guild Discord:
Here is our Guild Discord Link:

To Join The Guild DM Mynetrix On Discord And Send Your IGN