Guild Level 4
Feb 22, 2016
Guild Master
This guild is exclusively for people who joined Team Mystic in Pokemon GO, or people in my old guild, TEAM RAGE. :)

☑Guild PARTY ✔
☑Guild MOTD ✔
☐Guild TAG ✘ ( working on it!)
☑More than 10 members ✔
☑Over 10 open spaces! ✔
☐Staff in guild ✘

To Join Team Mysctic (MC Guild)
1. You need to be active A minimum of 30 minutes a day on Hypixel, (You can be AFK)
2. Be good at parkour, building, or PvP
3.Be part of Team Mystic
4. Have fun :)

Me and my friends Samocki and Dutchliar decided to make a guild, we decided to name it 'the Hypixel pro guild, it was a bad name, soon my housing (65 ways to RAGE) Got popular! So I decided to make an official guild, team RAGE, soon I invited people to come, so people slowly joined. And we now have the guild we know and love today <3. Soon, Pokemon GO came out, and i REALLY liked it. so, i chose team mystic, thats how the guild got its new name.

So, as you may see. We have a couple of officers, Most people either are TRUE parkour pros, were the First people in the guild, or I REALLY trust, Having officers is good, they can kick guild members who are not following our rules

1. Follow the rules :p
2. No spamming
3. No disrespecting other guild members/ officers
4. Have fun here in our guild
5. No cuss words
6. No hackers allowed
7. Absolutely No asking for Officer (or higher [if custom ranks come out]!)
ALL other Hypixel rules apply.
Do not advertise Non-Hypixel related websites, unless given premission from Staff or is really important
All people trying to avoid/break rules WILL BE KICKED/DEMOTED From guild! You can't come back to the guild in 1-3 weeks (depending on what you did)

We are mostly a Skywars, TNT run, and housing guild :) We are good at arcade games too :D

Friend Yonaimy,
And then message me you would like to join team RAGE.
OR (If I decline friend request)
Ptivate Conversation me:
I would like to join team RAGE
(Current guild/none)
(Why you would like to join)