Guild Level 67
Blitz Survival Games Rank 2
Legacy Rank 84
May 5, 2014
Guild Master
Statistically the #1 Blitz Guild


The #1 Blitz Survival Games guild.
Contact: @ToxicPlaysBlitz, @GetRektTom

The story of Fading Echoes
This is the guild originally known as Crit Squad. In 2014 guilds were released, and shortly afterwards a player known as MAJESTICxWALRUS made a guild. This guild was known as Crit Squad, and it quickly took over blitz owning many of the best players in the game. Most of the top 20 were in the guild. It has broken apart and come back many times since then, always with authority. It has owned many of blitz's best players. Today it is owned by myself, ToxicPlaysBlitz, in Mason's absence. On September 20th I was transferred by an admin, so I can better preserve the legacy of the best blitz guild known to the game. Hopefully you will consider joining.