Guild Level 18
Aug 15, 2015
Guild Master
Ola, we are ExplodingCandies!~

A forum and In-game guild that only wants to have fun and get close to one another. The guild was originally a thread guild in the TNT section where you will find pure randomness that will blow your mind...sorry okay, back to topic. The in-game guild itself has only a few requirements, we are friendly and play for fun with no competitive spirit. We will be random at times, but to make the guild as enjoyable and fun as possible because that's the goal of it. Most of us play an old game known as TNT wizards, but as we play for fun (a lot of fun in this) it's an all-based mini game guild.

Note from Candy: this guild is a really great place to make friends and have fun. As it says in the above paragraph we were originally just a forum thread conversation. As we grew to know each other and love being in each other's company we decided to make this guild in-game ;D

Guild Infomation:
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Note: This page will update slowly as the guild begins to get back on track with its new ways, please be patient.