Guild Level 72
The Walls Rank 7
Speed UHC Rank 7
Build Battle Rank 16
BedWars Rank 19
Sep 11, 2018
Guild Master

Welcome to the top female guild on Hypixel!


Envision has one of the best community in all of Hypixel guilds![​IMG]

We are very accepting and nice to everyone! No toxicity allowed!


A little bit about us: Envision was founded by Kevoe (Saivh) on 9/11/2018. He created the guild
because he wanted to try something new after breaking up with his ex, so he created Envision! He got
females to the guild because he thought it would be a good idea to have females as your guild
members, this way he can have a unique guild and be known for something. After awhile time went past
he invited boys as well that would become his staff and OGs of the guild in the future! Currently we
are the highest ranking and biggest female guild in Hypixel. It definitely wasn't a easy way climbing
to where we are right now, many of our friends left by the time passed and so did our lives. We were
never a competitive guild and still aren't, we like to have fun with friends while playing. That doesn't
mean we don't like being a high rank though, we keep it at a phase that will keep us decently ranked.
Currently, we are top 25 at all times and on some days we get as high as top 15! Our guild is about
having fun, making friends and helping each other and will stay like this.

Private guild, don't request to join unless you have unusual stats.

Currently we are focused around Bedwars and nothing else that much as a gamemode.