Guild Level 34
Guild Rank 17
BedWars Rank 3
Build Battle Rank 14
Duels Rank 14
Crazy Walls Rank 22
Arcade Games Rank 25
Aug 7, 2017
Guild Master
We are primarily Bedwars based guild in order to join you will need to meet the fkd requirements but, exceptions can be made in regards to level. If you wish to apply please do so through the forums application, and if you have any questions feel free to contact one of our officers or the guild master You are only allowed to be offline for 2 weeks. If you happen to have any event going on and cannot be online for longer than this time period, feel free to inform the guild master or any officer and we will make an exception. You’re also more than welcome to join our community on Discord:


1. BedWars level 100+

2. 4+ Final Kill/ Death rate

3. 2 Win/Lose Rate

4. 2+ Bed Broken/Lost Rate