Guild Level 71
Aug 6, 2018
Guild Master

About Us

Dreams, currently level 69 [DREAM] was created August 6, 2018 by a friendly Owner named Jordan. We value commitment and loyalty over skills and any sort of progression. We hope to expand, and make this guild as enjoyable for everyone to be in. To join, simply do (/g join dreams).


To join our discord channel just type /g discord on Hypixel and click the link. (This will only work if your in the guild and already have discord)

Guild Promotions

The main goal of our guild is to help connect like-minded minemen, but with a progression driven guild system, players collecting as much guild experience as possible is one of our main goals as well. That is why we're excited to introduce you to our performance-based ranks!

Dream Team Elite [Elite]

This rank is obtained and held by contributing 100,000+ Guild Experience on a weekly basis.
How do I know how much Guild Experience I’m contributing?

1. On Hypixel, type /g member [your username]
2. Add all the Exp shown from the last 7 days and wala! Your weekly Guild Exp contributions
  • Custom Tag in Guild Chat [Elite]
  • Priority when choosing games for guild events

Insomniacs [Insane]

Not many players reach this rank, let alone maintain it, but the ones that do seem to defy their need for sleep as they contribute a mind-boggling 200,000+ Guild Experience on a weekly basis!
  • Custom Tag in Guild Chat [Insane]
  • Can invite other players
  • Satisfaction of being at the top ;)

Note: These ranks are automatically given to players who meet or exceed their requirements. If you qualify for a rank but have not been promoted, just point it out to a helper, moderator or GM.

We are also always open to suggestions on things to add or ways to improve these ranks

Dream Team King [King]

The title King is reserved to only the most skilled player among us. To measure skill, players are tested with only their bare hands in a game of sumo. Currently our undefeated champion, Mashe has been the only player to hold the title King, however anyone and everyone is welcome to challenge him to a duel and claim the title King for their own!

Dream Team Helper [H]

To make sure the guild is kept running smoothly, helper positions are made available for players with an ambition to help others and preserve our positive community. This promotion comes with the responsibility of making sure everyone is treated with respect as well as answering other guild members questions (To the best of your ability).

In order to be helpful, helpers are expected to know a bit about the guild. That is why the first requirement for the rank is as follows..
Requirements to Obtain:
  • Have thoroughly read this forum
  • Been an active guild member for at least 3 months
  • Have a positive reputation
Responsibilities to Hold:
  • Stay relatively active
  • Answer questions to the best of your ability
  • Make sure everyone in the guild feels welcomed and are treated with respect
  • /g mute players that are going against the above

Although it is not required, helpers with MVP++ are able and encouraged to host guild events (Party online guild members with /g party and play private games) as it brings the guild together and boosts guild exp.

Dream Team Moderator [Mod]

The main role of our moderators are to keep track of the systems at play. Mainly making sure the players in the guild worthy of the Elite title receive and obtain it, as well as retire the ones that don't. Moderators also share the responsibility of kicking MIA (Missing In Action) and unfit players with GM's.
Requirements to Obtain:
  • Been an active Helper [H] for at least 4 months
  • Have a discord account and able to use it
Responsibilities to Hold:
  • Stay relatively active
  • Able to preform agreed upon tasks on a weekly/biweekly basis
  • /g kick players that have been muted and are still not treating others with respect (If controversial leave for a GM)

Moderators are also encouraged to host guild events alongside helpers and GM's

Important /g commands to know as a Helper
  • /g mypermissions
  • /g discord
  • /g info
  • /g invite
  • /g motd (Message Of The Day)
  • /g notifications
  • /g officerchat
  • /g online
  • /g party
  • /g quest
  • /g toggle if chat gets noisy remind players they can toggle chat with this command
  • /g mute & /g unmute
Explanations and more commands can be found by typing /g on Hypixel