Guild Level 18
May 30, 2016
Guild Master
About The Guild
As the sister guild to the Smash Heroes exclusive guild Virtual Savage, Digital Savage is made for players who want a Savage experience but are not experienced enough to join Virtual Savage. In Digital, the staff can offer players guidance and tips to help them grow and eventually reach the requirements for Virtual Savage or to move on and aspire to get into other guilds. We try to create a positive learning environment that can be used as a stepping stone to a better Virtual future.

We simply ask you to conduct yourself, inside the guild and outside, as a decent and respectable player. Spam and extreme toxicity is not appreciated and members that exhibit these traits will be punished.

You must meet these requirements to join the guild, request to join by messaging an officer through the forums or in game.

Smash Heroes: 100 Smash Levels, 1000 kills, and 500 wins.
(Two out of the three of these requirements must be met to join the guild.)