Guild Level 26
Legacy Rank 53
Apr 4, 2014
Guild Master

Hello and welcome to the official Desolation guild page, we are so happy to see you here!
We are a mainly Mega Walls guild who play a little BSG, we aim to have an active family
friendly guild where we can all play together and have fun.
Desolation was formed in April 2014 by VoiDzz and FairyDustz and thrived for almost 2 years
and has recently been taken over by a former Co-owner along with the help of a multitude of former members of the guild. Allow us to introduce ourselves

We're back in Business boys.
We are Desolation!
Some of you may know us from a while ago when we were one of the best Mega Walls guilds of the time, ran by @VoiDzz [email protected] , who after a long deterioration, left the guild to focus on the more casual side of the Hypixel server, while we wanted to focus on the more competitive side of the server.

After a short period of being disbanded, we are remaking the guild with the purpose of re-gaining our past glory and become one of the best guilds in Hypixel, with a main Focus on MW and BSG.
We hope you do join us, we do love each and every member who joins, thank you all for taking the time to
read this.

How can I join Desolation?
You can apply for Desolation on our official guild thread:
You need 300+ Mega Walls wins to join, so start playing!