Guild Level 45
Sep 13, 2017
Guild Master
Crazy Playerz

More guild related polls on the discord will be coming out soon.
Member regulations are being rolled out.
Pilotsbow retired from head Officer.
Sourdoge178 might be demoted, poll on the discord.

Who are we?
Crazy Playerz is a quiet-ish and chill guild, we are currently guild level 44!
Ever since Skyblocks release, Crazy Playerz has been leaning toward Skyblock, but that doesn't mean we play other games!

Guild Rules:
No swearing to or about other players
No spamming a lot in chat
Be respectful of other people
No racism of ANY kind
These rules are NOT hard to follow at all! Not knowing the rules is no valid excuse! If someone can't open links, please read them the rules! Don't lie! :D

Guild Discord
Anyone can join the discord!
There is a verification though, you must tell an Officer or higher your Minecraft IGN to get Verified!

How to join
Just ask an Officer or higher rank! There are currently no requirements!
There is however an Application with requirements to be promoted to Active Member, more of that in the discord though!

Guild ranks
Guild Master - The Master of the guild
Officer - The guild Moderators and Helpers, if you have any questions or want to join, ask them! Some of these Officers are Head Officers and Senior Officers, they have more guild authority.
Trial Officers- Guild Members on Trial to become an Officer.
Elder - Guild members who contributed to the guild or special members. Elders have access to guild logs, stats, and inviting.
Active Member - Active Members of the guild.
Member - Members of the guild!

Guild Staff
vip2kea - Guild Master
Captain460 - Senior Officer
Pravnav - Officer
_S_t_a_r_ - Trial Officer
DizzyAlexa - Trial Officer