Guild Level 52
Dec 12, 2018
Guild Master
Concrete Knights


Guild Introduction
We are an all-game guild who mostly plays Murder Mystery, We offer a
Family friendly setting in the guild along with a discord server, If you would like
to apply please read the section below.

Application Requirements
1.) You must have discord
2.) You have to be active

When applying we ask that you are very specific with your answers and that you use proper grammar.

Staff discords

Kaylee =°•°=#9560

No swearing
No NSFW content
No overuse of caps
No spamming
No racist comments
No begging for ranks
No complaining
No negative behavior

Guild thread
Want more info about us?
View our guild thread here!

Thank you for reading and we hope you enjoyed!

Guild Master note

Thank you for viewing our guild page and we hope to see you in Concrete Knights very soon!