Guild Level 7
Aug 12, 2017
Guild Master

All Conclave guild members are expected to read and comply with the following guild rules:

1. Be respectful to all guild members. Do not post anything that is intended to hurt someone's feelings. Any type of discrimination including, but not limited to racism, ageism, and sexism against other guild mates will result in a suspension from the guild.
2. Any type of moderation that gives the user an unfair advantage (Cheating/Hacking) is strongly prohibited and will result in a permanent suspension from the guild and a report to Hypixel staff.
3. Trolling/griefing other guild mates is not allowed.
4. Do not argue with guild staff members. If a staff member asks you to stop doing something, you must comply with his/her orders. If you feel like a Conclave staff member is wrongfully accusing you, please private message the guild owner (Humaku) with your report.
5. All Conclave members are asked to be active on Hypixel for at least 2 hours a week. This isn't a requirement, but an expectation.
6. Guild members who haven't logged into Hypixel for more than 2 weeks are at risk of being removed from the guild. If there is any reason you will be away for over 14 days, please let a guild staff member know before your leave of absence.
7. If any member of the guild witnesses another member violate rule(s) 1-3, they are expected to message a staff member the details of the incident. If there aren't any staff members at the time, please screenshot/record the event and tell a staff member once they've logged in. You're also able to PM a staff member through the Conclave Discord server.

--Guild Owner--
[VIP+] Humaku

--Guild Officers--
[VIP] DeluxeSniper


--Guild Members--
[MVP+] IBowLess
[MVP+] AccessBlood
[MVP+] Garnished

[MVP] Rpd7x
[VIP] Des1red_PvP