Guild Level 67
Smash Heroes Rank 1
Jul 8, 2018
Guild Master
Welcome to the Communist Ottoman Empire!

We are a Multi-Game guild that strives to give our members the best experience within the hypixel community, and we wish to change hypixel for the better.

We are the Communist Ottoman Empire.

1: Respect all guild members and staff.
2. Do not ask for any guild ranks
3: Please keep your language appropriate. this also includes avatars.
5: if you leave, you will have to re-apply to join the guild6: If you will be offline for over a week, please tell the guild master.
7: All hypixel rules apply.
8: If you get kicked, you will have to re-apply.

Application Format:
- IGN:
-Have you been in another Guild in the past? Why did you leave it?:
-Why do you want to join?:
-Main games that you play?:
-How much time do you play?[day/week]:
-You know any members from COMEMP?:
-Have you been muted or banned in the past? If so, which was the reason?:
-Provide your stat page :[]
-Here you can say anything else about you, to convince us


Join our guild discord!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for reading, and we hope you consider joining us now or sometime in the future :D