Guild Level 42
Mar 19, 2016
Guild Master
This is Phoblicity.
In order to join this guild, you have to be in my friend list. We are a rather private society. Not really though.
We like to socialize a lot. Please don't hate on us. You will find yourself really screwed up if you do. Please join us. We are recruiting!

Here are the People in this Guild:
Outline: (A: Name, B: Position, C: Rank, D: Personality, E: Quote)
1. A: Tritune, B: Leader, C: MVP+, D: Strategist, Talented, cool, big ego., E: "Screw you, Dank"

2. A: DankRetro, B: Co-Leader, C: MVP+, D: idk, E: "none"

3. A: TechnoTune, B: Co-Leader, C: MVP, D: idk, E: "none"

4. A: RaiTune, B: Co-Leader, C: VIP+, D: funny, mean(almost never), nice(mostly), helpful., E: "none"

5. A: Slayer_misaki, B: Co-Leader, C: VIP, D: idk, E: "none"

6. A: HyperTune, B: Officer, C: Member, D:idk, E: "none"

7. A: MelonTune, B: Co-Leader, C: MVP, D: funny exited owo,
E: "when lief gives u lemons make orange juice and prove lief wrong"

8. A: GalaxyGalGamer, B: Co-Leader, C: MVP+, D: Funny, Kind, Helpful, and Fearless.,
E: "Whenever you need help, just call =3"

9. A: MissKittyAR15 B: Co-Leader, C: VIP, D: idk, E: "none"