Guild Level 28
Guild Rank 8
VampireZ Rank 7
Crazy Walls Rank 9
Paintball Warfare Rank 10
Quakecraft Rank 15
SkyClash Rank 22
Cops and Crims Rank 23
The TNT Games Rank 23
The Walls Rank 24
Legacy Rank 3
Jan 26, 2014
Guild Master
Blue Crew


Blue Crew started with about nine people back in April of 2013 when Hypixel first came out. This makes Blue Crew one of the first guilds on Hypixel. The founders of Blue Crew are Freylise80, Flummox_, Ekaj5991, ZEUS__108, Sydegames, ChiLynn, Noren224, slimeinbox and AmokaHD. They all met in bowspleef and formed a friend group and started calling themselves Blue Crew after the group copied Flum’s blue jumper. Later came the patch, yellow, red and orange, as designed by Amoka.

We started out as Spleef players, but as we grew and met new people we expanded into other games. Blue Crew now has people from all over the server! To us the most important thing is to have fun, play with friends and just hang out together. As a guild we are not only active on Minecraft, but try to organize fun and exciting things outside of the server, such as movie nights or playing other games.

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