Guild Level 44
Quakecraft Rank 17
Legacy Rank 24
Jan 26, 2014
Guild Master
Greetings, player.

Actually, ya know what? I'm gonna cut the seriousness for this guild page. If you want seriousness, head to our forum thread [HERE] to find out more about us ;)

So anyway... hey there, fellow quakecrafter/person who just randomly decided to wander in on our guild page, and welcome! BFGTeam was was the first Quakecraft guild ever created on the Hypixel server, and since the 9th of November 2013 with the creation of our forum thread, we're still going! Our guild now lies at over 100 members strong, with both forum members and ingame members joining in with our antics. We have a guild skype chat and a teamspeak, so there are many facilities offered for you to get to know your fellow community members well!

One of the best things in my opinion about BFGTeam is how we are not merely a group of people in the same guild. We're all friends, and we all know each other well. Even if some of our members are in other ingame guilds, we still chat with them - all in all, we're a very communal guild.

Feel like joining our family? Pop in an application at or head to our thread linked above to read about it more!

- Hyperdron