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Jul 28, 2014
Guild Master
Welcome To Aussie Hypixelers!
(Formerly Known As AsianInvasion)
Guild Thread:
Aussie Hypixelers (formerly known as AsianInvasion) is a friendly community-based guild founded on the 28/7/2014 by @SuperAthleteRox0. We've been a tight group of college friends from Australia, since our formation and we have kept mainly to ourselves for the past 4 years. We've decided that it's time to open ourselves up to the community!

We have attended and witnessed many happenings on the server for the past 4 years ranging from the Creative server, to the Event lobby and even the Event teams events. Our group of 5-7 friends really enjoyed hanging out and truly treasured the values of having a guild. In early 2018, we decided to change our name to Aussie Hypixelers, so that we could be more inclusive of the community as we opened ourselves up. SuperAthleteRox0 handed Guild management over to myself and we've been enjoying every minute of it.

Why are we called 'Aussie Hypixelers'? Most of us are Aussies and we surely promote the spirit of playing on Hypixel. Though a number of our members are from all over the world. You DON'T have to be Aussie to join us. You just need a kind heart and a passion for community interaction. We welcome everyone!

We're dedicated to making friends and involving ourselves in the community. We don't judge you on stats, but we expect the best effort and motivation from our members. We encourage conversation within our guild and in the community. Most importantly, we're family friendly fun. :p

And that's our Motto. It has a double meaning. Our guild is a family we encourage friendly communication within our guild and extended to the community, but also we love having fun! With that, our guild stands for family, friendly fun. Fun that will last and carry to the community and beyond. :)

Latest Guild News:
None at the moment. Coming Soon!

None at the moment. Coming Soon!

Bedwars, Quakecraft, Murder Mystery, Arcade Games, Guess the Build, VampireZ, TNT Games, Warlords
Pretty much any other game. Just ask us! We're pretty chill :p


Here at Aussie Hypixelers, we have a few rules to ensure the safety of our members as well as to keep the guild family friendly, while also ensuring good standing with the community at all times.. Please note that all also apply.
  • Please keep swearing to a minimum, both on discord and in-game.
  • Respect all players, whether in be in the guild or in the community.
  • Any inappropriate content is prohibited either in-game or on discord. Keep the chat clean and free from such topics.
  • Guild promotions to Veteran are determined by the GM, Managers & Officers. Promotions to Officer require you to first be a Veteran, for a period of 1 month before being considered by the GM and Managers.
  • Have common sense and use good manners. Let people see the good in you.
  • Try to be as active as possible, we are very lenient on this and don't mind much, but attendance/activity is required at guild events or when required.
  • If you have any questions/concerns or see a member of the guild break these rules, feel free to message a guild staff member.
  • and most importantly, Have Fun! :D
We have a number of staff members within the guild who help ensure we keep a family friendly environment within the guild while also enforcing the rules and making new members feel welcome. If you have any questions about our guild, feel free to PM any of these members or ask us on Discord.

Guild Master
[Helper] @tjbruce17594

Guild Managers
[MVP+] @Biya6
+] @SuperAthleteRox0

Guild Head Officers
[MVP+] rose_ava
[MVP+] xNavaeh

Guild Officers
[VIP] @OperationRemix
[VIP] Gabzterz09

Discord Roles:
@Discord Owner - This user is the owner of the Discord server and/or Guild Master of Aussie Hypixelers

@Discord Developer - Users who work on developing features for the discord server.

@Discord Bots - Don't mind them, they are just robots who are helping out! :p

@Guild Manager - This user is a Manager on the Discord server and/or a Guild Manger of Aussie Hypixeler's who oversee the day to day running of the guild / server.

@Discord Moderator - This user oversees the Discord server, ensuring that the rules are being followed and deal with other Discord related issues.

@Head Guild Officer - Users who have been promoted to head officers in Aussie Hypixelers. Trusted members that hold greater responsibilities within the guild. You cannot apply for this rank and is an invite only rank.

@Guild Officer - Users who are a guild officer in the 'Aussie Hypixelers' guild. They are promoted after dedicated loyalty to the guild of 4-5 months, after being discussed with the Guild Managers and Head Officers. They assist with the day to day running of the guild.

@Guild Veteran - Given to users who have been in the guild for a solid amount of time, or showcase the values of the guild exceptionally and continuously. At least 2-3 months of active participation and discussed with by the Guild officers/head officers.

@Active Guild Member - Given to active members of 'Aussie Hypixelers', with at least 1 month of active participation, <> Discord Only Rank <>

@Guild Member - Users who are members of the guild :)

@Hypixel Staff - Given to users who are verified Hypixel Staff members on the network. Please try not to disturb them. They're busy people! :D

@Friend - Users who are friends and/or have connections with Managers and above :)

@Discord Member - Default rank given to players joining the Aussie Hypixelers Discord



For a complete and up-to-date list of our Guild Veterans & Guild Members, please visit: Hypixelers


Other Bits and Bobs:

Guild Website:
Twitter Page: @hypixelers


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Quakecraft Rank 20 on 4th August 2018
Guild Legacy Rank: 3,927