Guild Level 66
The TNT Games Rank 6
Oct 24, 2017
Guild Master
Hello and welcome to the Arcadian Wizards' Guild page!

As the guild's name shows, we're a TNT Wizards guild. Our guild contains a lot of good Wizards and people who've just started playing TNT Wizards. Join our ranks as an active and good wizard player or join us to learn from our Wizards who've been playing the game for a long time if you've just started playing it and you want to get better.

Requirements and How to join

Just be a friend of ours or a Wizard player who really wants to join us to learn more about the game or to make friends and message the Guild Master or an officer ingame or in a conversation on the forums here.

Guild ranks and Explaining

Recruit: This is the Rank players first get when they join the guild. People with recruit rank have to show their activity over the 2 weeks that follow after they've joined the guild. If they are not active enough they could be kicked, otherwise they will be promoted to Member after or if active enough even in the 2 week period.

Member: This is the basic Member Guild Rank for guild members.

Arcadian: This rank is only obtainable via a very certain way, for more information ask the Guild Master once having joined the guild.

God: This is the highest non-guild-staff Rank that you can get. The Gods of the Arcadian Wizards Guild are personally chosen by the Guild Master and receive this rank because they are really active and extremely skilled at the game.

Officer: The basic "Officer" Rank that most guilds have. Officers have access to the Officer Chat and can invite people into the guild after discussing them with the Guild Master. Any rank can of course give recommendations and these recommendations will be reviewed aswell.

Guild Master: The Guild Master, the leader of the guild. He has access to all the guild commands and all the settings.

In the beginning I made this guild for friends and good TNT Wizards players. But now it has grown into an idea to create the next biggest Wizards Guild on Hypixel. My idea is to have a guild with all lot of amazing Wizards in it, who can share their knowledge about the game to newer members of the guild who also like to play TNT Wizards. A few years ago, this is what often happened in the old TNT community, but many of the old players have left and many new players have arrived over the years. Let's bring back the old community vibes and try to bring the level of saltiness a lot down by being nice to each other and helping each other out. That is my idea for this guild, I hope you all are willing to commit to that. ~GamingGuus



We hope to see you ingame!