Guild Level 38
Jul 3, 2016
Guild Master
Hello, Today Venom is a growing problem in our community and there really is not
that much we can do about it, However there are people that choose to make the best of it. I believe these few players need to stick together.

So I have converted my guild into a place where us legit players with the tenacity to stand up against the cheaters of Hypixel, can stand together.

The reason its called Anti Venom:


    • 1.
      opposed to; against.
      "I'm anti the abuse of drink and the hassle that it causes"


    • 1.
      "neither side in the debate, whether anti or pro, has offered a particularly convincing case"

  1. 1.
    a person opposed to a particular policy, activity, or idea.
    "a shadow army of antis who endanger your sport"

We Are The Anti Of Cheaters.
In our case I have decided to call Toxicity / Cheating / Salt Venom.
This is a guild ONLY for the Cheerful, For those who have prestige karma and respect for their fellow players. For those who are the encouragement for other people to push on against Toxic / Salty / Cheating / Mean players.

We Are currently looking for the more senior members of this community who understand the situation, However, All players are welcome.

Be a good kind person.

Be helpful and superior to those who are toxic.

Be Active on Hypixel (30 day warning kick)

Hypixel network level 70+

Good Stats in at least one game (5 kdr / 5 fkdr / prestige 3+ / 1500 kills )

A-Ok stats in 3 games (prestige 1-3 / 2 kdr/ 3 fkdr / 500 kills )

Hypixl network level 50+ with high stats in 2+ games.

We have high reqs because we have high goals.
Although Our #1 goal is to fight against
Venom as a side goal we also want to become a high level Prestige guild.
To apply please start private conversation with me on forums or Friend me IG.
Reqs for officer:
Hypixel network level 100+
Outstanding presence in the community
Highly active.
This was Hypixel Vikings and my brother will probably not like what I have done but
now this guild has a purpose.

We are here so that the good members of this community DO NOT have to stand alone.
Join us in this fight,
View attachment 1143585 all you have to do to join the Anti Venom Forum squad is to put this is your sig.
Level: 33
278 overall postion.