Guild Level 43
Jun 3, 2019
Guild Master
Welcome to Amazon! Why should you join Amazon? A active and non-toxic community we do lots of guild events giveaways and gvg(guild v guild) with other guilds!

What modes do we play? We play duels, bedwars, skywars and a couple of our members play uhc and skyblock. If you are going to request to join Amazon tell us what game you main.

How to join Amazon? Either contact me the Guild Master of Amazon(Briban) or our Mods and officers you can dm them on Minecraft or discord.

We do have requirements for the guild! You have to be lvl 40+ to join Amazon we do make some exceptions for players! If you are in a guild before joining Amazon show us your guild xp you have gotten in the past week use the command ./g member (name).

Discord is required! A few of our members do not have discord but those are exceptions its okay if you don't have a mic we just want you to be able to hear us!