Oct 15, 2016
Guild Master
☆ What our guild includes ☆
We are a very friendly All game guild, our guild mission is to be have a great time with our officers/members if one of our members need help then you can always ask the officer/owner for help!

☆ Rules ☆
1. Be active
2. Don't Swear/cuss (ex saying lm-o still counts as a swear and other swears that isn't a full swear)
3. Don't be Toxic (ex don't be salty like raging)
4. Don't be rude
5. Don't Spam
6. Do not start any drama
7. Don't start a war (Like a fighting war)
8. Do not put a swearing or Inpporpinate video in the guild chat
8. Follow the hypixel network rules.
You have 3 warnings If you if you break those rules 3 times you will be kicked!

☆ Discord rules
1. Don't swear
2. Don't yell all the time
3. Don't be rude
4. Do not start any drama
5. do not start a yelling war
6. Do not put a swear or Inpporpinate video in the discord chat
You have 10 warnings (the reason why so many warnings is because sometimes you didn't mean to swear like **** OOPS! like that) If you break those rules 10 times you will be kicked! OR get banned from our discord for a few months

☆ Reporting our members ☆
If I'm not on and none of the officers are on and you see someone breaking the rules in our guild
Please take a screenshot and send it to @Jaggi_King Or @StevenR8 When we are on or report them HERE, if you don't have any screenshots then we won't accept your report.

☆ Requirements ☆
Be active on the guild
Say o/ or Welcome when some body joins back
Use the guild chat often
if someone is saying how do I win skyclash? then answer theirs question

Enchanted Elements is one of the most friendliest ALL games guild If you are interested to join our guild then click here

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