Jun 29, 2016
Guild Master
A Casual Skywars Guild~
Infamy is casual SkyWars guild that doesn't really aim for high stats, I consider us more like a community as opposed to a guild. Despite the fact that we don't have as much members as most guilds, we are still very active.
We used to be semi-competitive (requirements - 500 wins, 5,000 kills, and a 1 K/D), but realized that we'd rather just have fun, instead of trying to better our stats. We still have requirements, but they're pretty low, and are just there because we want players to be a tad experienced. And even though we aren't competitive, we have GvGs often, and currently are hosting a SkyWars GvG tournament with one of our allies, BlazingSky.
Also, not only do we have a MineCraft Discord, but an other-games Discord for having conversations on other topics as well. Often times, we do events unassociated with MineCraft there, such as truth or dare.
Infamy was created back in May, and was owned by MilkshakeLoaf (now goggled), it was a small guild, only reaching about 11 members, but still had a good community. We decided to merge with a friends guild, Merciless owned by ShiftBlade, and renamed it to Pantheon. After a while, some members got bored of MineCraft and decided to play other games, and we split into 2 Discords, other-games and MineCraft. Though a couple weeks ago, we renamed the guild to Infamy (reasoning behind that is kinda a long story), and the other-games Discord stayed as Pantheon. Even if you don't play games bedsides MineCraft, you can still be in the Pantheon Discord, and if you don't play MineCraft, you can still be in the Infamy Discord.

Guild Tag: [INFAMY]
Guild MOTD: ✔️
Guild Party:✔️
Guild Bank: 20,000 [Max!]
Guild Slots: 56/60
Guild Banner/OF Cape:✔️

Member - The average guild-mate.
Trusted - Members who have shown to be a nice and trustable person.
Elder - People who have shown loyalty to the guild. Active members.
Adviser - In on decisions, though not an officer.
Officer - Accepted applicants for the position or selected by current officers.
Owner - Guild master.

Average - 500 Wins
Premium - 750 Wins
Elite - 1,000 Wins
Lord - 1,250 Wins
Champion - 1,500 Wins
King - 2,250 Wins
GOD - 3,000 Wins
YouTube Team Members:
[MVP+]Goggled, [VIP+]iHerc,[MVP]GabeLynch, [VIP]KronosKun, [MVP+]M0F, [MVP+]LagBack, [MVP]ItsBeba
We upload a few videos a week, right now it's a bit random,
however we do upload Skywars Challenges every Friday.

--YouTube Link--

Application Team Members:
[MVP+]Goggled, [VIP+]iHerc, [MVP+]M0F, [MVP+]Hydrolyze, [MVP+]Lacomuss, [MVP]Hydraih, [MVP]GabeLynch, [MVP]ItsBeba
This team decides whether an applicant should be accepted or denied. To be on this team, you must have a forums account, and be at least Trusted.

Instead of having 1 team with subs, we have 2 teams. This is beneficial because we can choose which one is ready to be deployed depending on their vitality, teamwork, skills, and integrity. Also, it gives more people a chance to play, and is much more organized/less spontaneous. If an Alpha member can't make it, then a Beta member will sub, and vise versa.
Alpha - Usually the best PvPers/SkyWars players. This team is used in more competitive matches, such as GvG tournaments.
Beta - Aren't the best at PvP, but are still pretty good. This team is used for less competitive matches, such as friendlies.

Must have Discord
1 Kill/Death
200 Wins
2,000 Kills
Can Take a Joke


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