Jan 31, 2016
Guild Master
This guild is about being inactive and salty
If you like Armorsmith, than PM and you might have a chance of joining.
This is the best Guild EVER. We are the best people in Hypixel. We are so good.

Here is my IRL selfie:
i am so handsome [​IMG]

we don't play anything.
requirements: 0 wins 0 kills 10000000000000000000 MVP+

please dont hate me
gl hf hax

Hello! Welcome to the Get Good's offical page!

Guild Trailer by PixelPorridge:


Hello, my name is Armorsmith. This is my SkyWars guild! I have created this guild in order to provide an exciting
Hypixel experience for all of the players isnide it. Our main goal is to make fun together, being as a fairly active commuinty, while all of the members will behave to each other as friends and partners. We are not a Competitive guild, and for our opinion, The player's quality (Loyalty and Activity) is more importnat than his stats. Our guild was created a half a year ago, and in all of that time, we managed to grow, expand our comuinty and enjoy together, as true friends does. Remember: We are still growing!

Why you should join us?
Get Good is focusing at the player, because of the fact that the player is the heart, the building block, of our guild. Our favorite and main minigame is the famous Hypixel SkyWars gamemode, but we have been seen across all gamemodes, although agian, we're not a leaderboard crew, but just a couple of people who play Hypixel for fun! We host parties and other evetns, in order to improve the experience within the guild.

How to apply?
Click here!


1. Be nice to all the players! Do not be rude!

2. Do not swear in the guild chat! Swearing will resault with a kick.

3. Do not use any hacks! Cheating will resault in an instant kick and a report to hypixel staff.

4. Do not spam the guild chat, sending pointless messeges and having a dramatic behavior is not allowed!

5. Be active on daily bases, inactivity will may resault with a punishment of a BAN from the guild!

6. Asking for a promotion to officer will resault in a punishment of a KICK from the guild!

7. Be loyal and listen to the orders from the guild's leadership!

8. Leaving the guild will lower your chances of getting back!

9. If you are having any problems, contact an officer to avoid drama!

10. When your guild mates need some help, be loyal and help them.

11. Do not start flame wars within the guild, that breaks the "Rude" rule.

12. Do not hate people because of their origins, preferably no hate at all!

13. If we catch you advertising or sharing links without an officer's permission, you are immediately kicked.

14. Behave humanely, and be active in the guild parties.

15. Follow the Hypixel rules (Can be found HERE).


Guild banners
For people who wish to get our offical banners and use it in the forums!

Guild events
In order to improve the experience in the guild, we make parties and competitions within the guid. There are no rewards, but the fun himself. We are trying to make daily SkyWars parties in order to have fun together, and we play several games together as a guild (Such as housing).
And don't forget the small, unoriginal parties...

Guild shop stats
Total Members: 72 / 125
Guild Party:
Guild MOTD:
Daily Guild Coin limit: 20,000

From the guild's life
View attachment 406472
View attachment 406478
The first time we killed Albi and moved his egg.
View attachment 406479
The first time we killed Albi. Note that a team of 12 people was allowed in solo mode at the time.
View attachment 406482
Twice of our guild houses were the best at thier times!
Even today, we contuinue building the best houses in the world, and one of them is already in a WIP stage!
View attachment 406490
A picture of our iconic Guild Tag! [TSK]

That's it guys!
If you liked our guild, make sure to apply!
I will see you next time, when you Get Good! :)
- Armorsmith and the guild's leadership.