Oct 18, 2015
Guild Master
Welcome to the Divana guild page!
We specialize on Skywars.
Joining requirements: (overall in Skywars)

- 4000+ kills
- K/D 1 or higher
- W/L 0.10 or higher
Guild shop details: Maxed

Apply here:

Guild chat rules:

- Respect other guild members.
- Light swearing is allowed, as long as it's not used to insult or degrade anyone.
- Don't use caps.
- Don't annoy/spam other players in the guild.
- Do NOT ask for officer. You can apply by clicking a link found in the MOTD.

Breaking any of the above will result in a warning and eventually in a kick.
If you see a member breaking the rules, please take a screenshot and PM Okamiee as soon as possible.

Inactivity policy:

There are no set date of activity removals, but if we see a member that has not logged for over 20 days they risk to get kicked. If you're going to be inactive for a longer amount of time, please PM Okamiee so we won't kick you.

Guild Cape by Tyl_Zaniah
Guild Header by An1me