Feb 7, 2015
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Inertia is a community guild for relaxed players looking for a good community to play any games without worrying about stats or being a sweaty tryhard. We are an All Games guild, so we are not set on just one game.

We have Guild Events, and we do GvG from time to time (which is announced in the Guild Announcements in the MOTD).


- Follow all Official Network Guidelines
- Do not flame with others in the Guild Chat.
- Swearing is allowed, but only if it is used to emphasize something and is not directed to insult someone or something.
- Do not advertise ANYTHING
- Do not ask for a promotion to officer.
- You must earn at least 500 Guild Coins a day, or at the minimum of 300. (Officers are exempted from this rule)
- Do not be inactive for over a week. If you know you will be inactive for more than a week, let an officer or the leader know so we can exempt you from this rule (until you are online again)
- Do not spam the chat.

If a rule is broken, you will be warned at first. After 3 warnings, you will be kicked.


In order to join, you must meet these requirements:

- You must be at least Network Level 10
- You must have at least 5 wins in any game

If you meet these requirements and want to join, look below.

(More requirements may be added in the future. If you are already a member and the requirements change, you will not need to apply again)


Ready to join Inertia? Read here:


Here at Inertia, members are promoted based on their average Guild Coin amount, activity, and personality. When we decide on who to promote, the Guild Leader will PM the player on the forums. However, asking to be an officer will lower one's chances on actually being promoted.


We do Guild Events from time to time, which can vary from Guild Parties to Guild vs Guild (GvG). Any Events will be announced in the Guild Announcements (in the MOTD), usually a week before the event.

Guild vs Guilds are done usually in Mega Walls, with one guild on one team and the other guild on the other. If you are a guild leader looking to run a GvG against Inertia, PM the Guild Leader on the forums.


[MVP+] Dentji

[MVP+] Pretzellaexe

For a full list, use /g members (if you are a member of this guild).


If you have an Optifine cape, you can use our Guild Cape as your cape design! The cape design can be found here:


1. Go to
2. Click the "Cape" tab
3. Login with your Mojang/Minecraft ID
4. With the dropdown box, select "Banner..."
5. Paste the Cape Link into the box
6. Align and Change the colors to how you want
7. Profit!


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