Jul 17, 2014
Guild Master

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- About Us -
We're Altitude, a competitive and social community that focuses loosely on Bed Wars and Skywars, being the most popular games of the Hypixel Network. Our audience is vast, and we respect the interests of all our members; it's in our roots. We're one of the oldest guilds on the network with a long history, and we've recently evolved.

Altitude's goal is to create a solid, competitive and social community that's open to everyone who has the determination to show us what they've got. We classify ourselves as an exclusive guild, meaning instead of taking applications, we actively recruit players from the Hypixel Community.

Updated occasionally
Guild Tag - [A]
Total Guild Coins - 17 Million+
Total Lifetime Coins - 20 Million+
Daily Guild Coin Cap - 20,000
Guild MOTD - [​IMG]
Guild Party - [​IMG]
Guild Wars - [​IMG]
Guild Ranking System - [​IMG]
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- Achievements -
*Largest guild on network (2015)
*First guild to host a major XP party (2016)
*Top 10 guilds in total coins (2016-2017)

*Web Portal: Guild Management without boundaries, and more (Soon™)


- Requirements -
- and -
Dedication, Loyalty, Willingness, Participation

There are two ways to can apply, either by physically contacting us through our Discord, or by creating an application in our guild thread at (please use the format provided) -
If you're interested, the best way to contact is through our community Discord -
Age (optional):
Hypixel Network Level:
Previous Guilds (reason for leaving):
Why would you like to join Altitude?:
How active are you? (hours per week):
Do you know anybody in the guild?:
Would you participate in events run by our dedicated events team?:
How often do you use discord? (
Your timezone:
Anything else you'd like to tell us:

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[HELPER] NexusOblivion
[MVP+] Cook1ng

[MVP+] Palomer - [Welfare Team]
[MVP+] honalo - [Applications Team]
[MVP+] titiusa - [Applications Team]

[MOD] Joey_MC - [Welfare Team]

1. You must be actively participating in the community, unless an absence is authorised by an Officer/Manager (two weeks or more).
2. Hacked Clients and Blacklisted Modifications are strictly prohibited.
3. You must abide by Hypixel Network Global Rules within the guild.
4. You should be responsible, loyal, and respectful of other members.
5. Do not report players to staff members through guild chat.
6. Excessive Swearing should be avoided, and is Disallowed.
7. Spamming and Advertising are Disallowed.
8. Guild Hopping is Disallowed.


Hope to see you soon! ;)