Jul 9, 2014
Guild Master
The Rebellion - Rebel


Welcome to the Rebellion!

Our guild is made up of active, enthusiastic, and skilled members throughout the network. Starting in 2014, Rebel has continuously climbed its way up the leaderboard, currently at the #5 spot for total guild coins. Our goal has always been to unite the most skilled & enthusiastic players in order to improve their gaming experience as a whole, alongside the rest of the Hypixel community. All of our members are held to a high standard of both conduct and skill. Our members are recognized as some of the most dedicated players on the server, and we’re always looking for new faces to join us!

Rebel often organizes parties and brings members together for intense, challenging, and sometimes casual games- with videos and screenshots of people’s triumphs!

Guild Allies: Icesquad, French Toast Mafia


A Rebel does NOT follow the rules! Just kidding! The rules include:
1. Be respectful in chat. Any form of toxic chat/rage is not tolerated. If you get annoyed in a game don't take it out in the guild chat. Go do something else for a few minutes and come back when you calm down.
2. Keep swearing to minimum.
3. Any conflicts with other guild members should be resolved privately or contact an officer.
4. Don't ask for promotion to officer - this will only lower your chances of being one.
5. Don’t ask guild members staff to friend you.
6. Do not hack and obey all Hypixel rules and do not disrespect staff.
Please screenshot if someone breaks these rules if no staff is online

Joining Us:
Before applying to our guild, we ask that you meet the required stats.

1. You must be Hypixel level 75+
2. And you need to meet at least 1 of the following game requirements:
SkyWars: 3000 wins or 15,000 kills
Quakecraft: 500 wins and 20,000 kills
Warlords: 500 wins or 8000 kills & assists
Smash Heroes: Smash level 300
BSG: 750 wins or 10,000 kills
TNT Games: 600 total wins or 400 in any single game
UHC: 6 Stars
Duels: 2000 wins and 5 K/D
Paintball: 500 wins or 30000 kills
Bedwars: 3000 wins or 7+ FKDR
Crazy Walls: 500 wins or 5000 kills
Turbo Kart Racers: 500 gold trophies
Cobs vs Crims: 750 game wins
Arena Brawl: 1000 total wins
VampireZ: 400 total wins
Walls: 150 wins or 1000 kills
Mega Walls: 500 wins
Murder Mystery: 1000 wins
Speed UHC: 250 wins or 2000 kills
Skyclash: 750 wins or 7500 kills
Build Battle: 250 wins or 10,000 score.
Arcade: 2500 total wins
Click HERE to apply, by filling out the following form:

In-game name:
Do you know any Rebel(s)?:
Network Level:
Best game stats:
How much time do you play?
: day/week?
(helpful for organizing matches and events)
Are you already in another guild?:
Do you agree to the guild rules?:

After you apply, keep an eye on the forums where one of our officer will get back to you. Thank you!

Thanks a lot for reading this message we would like you to join The Rebellion! It would be awesome!

Check out our new Youtube channel.



some guild fun: