Jan 27, 2014
Guild Master

» Reject Guild «

Reject was created in January of 2014 and is still around today, the guild is now based upon members with individual goals who have come together from all of Hypixel communities, some around since the start of Hypixel. Within our guild there are people with different desires for their time on the server; we have people who will just casually play and others that only play certain game modes. In Reject we all get along and are all friends. Reject is based on communication and friendship, however you do need certain stats to be able to join our guild, for multiple reasons.


» The History of Reject «

Reject was created on Jan 27, 2014 (the second day of guilds being released on the server) and it started as a private guild, known as the “Society of White Vans” with not many members apart from friends that played Mega Walls together. Some of the original members have stayed, however majority has either quit or moved onto new guilds.

When UHC Champions became a new gamemode on the server and then the guild revamped into an UHC main guild. This is where the name “Reject” came from and the name has stayed to this day. In July 2016, the guild changed into a Mega Walls main guild once again, and most of the members that were in the guild have stayed in the guild despite the changes.

On the 4th of December 2016 the guild changed to a guild based on questing and doing fun events together. After some internal conflicts within the guild, the guild was made private temporarily, but we have have re-opened properly, and hope to stay open as a fun and active guild for a long time!​