Guild Level 40
Oct 12, 2015
Guild Master
After a long time, the guild master has finally gotten around to updating the description for this guild! :p

About us:

The 1337 Kittens are a guild that doesn't really focus on being competitive, instead we are a group of friends looking to have some fun together! Originally we started off as a small group of friends & acquaintances from a distant place, but we are looking to enter a new era going forward.

There are currently no specific requirements to join, so membership is decided by a guild officer and/or the guildmaster. If you are interested in joining, please private message @Ferrothorn88 and/or @Knight33 via the forums. Please keep in mind that the main language we use is English. Officers and the guildmaster may remove membership at their own discretion. Previously, we did not kick players for inactivity, but this is being adjusted due to hitting the member limit. Details will be added here once finalized.

Rules of the guild:
  • All of Hypixel's rules and guidelines still apply for everyone. If you are unsure of the rules, you can read them here here.
  • Be nice and respectful to all players, both in and out of guild chat.
  • Use of vulgarity/swearing, slurs, threats, bullying, and the like is not allowed and may result in a kick from the guild.
  • Don't post intrusive links in guild chat, such as "free" optifine cape giveaways (Never trust those btw), or innapropriate sites.
  • Be safe and have fun!
Guild level perks [Level 40]
Double Hypixel XP - 27%
Double Coins - 13%
Guild Tag - [Dark Green] [Dark Aqua] [Grey]
Forum icon - Tier 2
Guild cloak - Tier 2
Crits & Magic particle packs
Flame & Snow particle packs

Old guild shop:

Current max players: 125
Max guild coins per day: 20,000
Guild MOTD: ✅
Guild party: ✅
Guild Tag: ✅ [1337KN]
Guild shop maxed out: ✅
Guild update: Soon™ Finally here!