Wrath of the Fallen is an action role-playing hack and slash adventure map.
Recommended players: 2

I recommend this texture pack:

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Special thanks to my new epic builder Notux, you can support him on YouTube and his friends Zortron, Seahawks1001 and AnEpicPlayerName.

Wrath of the Fallen Adventure Map Features
  • 6 unique boss fights
  • Fast paced hack-n-slash type
  • Customized monsters
  • Elite monsters
  • Custom Shops
  • Item sets and other unique items
  • No mods required
  • Custom events
  • Hidden room
  • 3 Optional mini bosses
  • Easter eggs
  • Storyline by command blocks
  • Custom potions
  • About 2 hours of intense gameplay
Item Sets example

Important Server Settings
If you miss any of these settings, it will bug.
  • allow-flight=true
  • spawn-animals=false
  • pvp=false
  • enable-command-block=true
  • view-distance=15
  • spawn-npcs=true
Extra Rules
  • Do not use beds
  • Do not break blocks
  • Do not craft
Guide by ugster on how to setup a server:

YouTube videos
Everyone is allowed to record on this map, just make sure you link the official trailer or my channel in the description of your video! Thank you and have fun!

Q: Can I play solo or with more than 2 players?
A: Yes but we balanced the game around 2 players, so you might die a lot if you solo.

Q: How did you do X thing ?
A: I suggest you check out the Herobrine's FAQ here. We pretty much used the same techniques.