Minecraft 1.15 Supported

Login using 1.8 or 1.15!

No need to switch from your favorite version! Play together with friends on Hypixel using Minecraft version 1.8 and above.

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by Hypixel at 8:30 AM
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Hello people!

The store is finally now accepting PaySafeCard, GiroPay and many new ways of payment!

Simply use the option "PaymentWall" when you are about to checkout on the Hypixel Store at http://store.hypixel.net/

Thank you for supporting the project,

by AgentK at 9:15 AM
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Sorry that I haven't been keeping up with patch notes, it's been a busy few weeks. Over the past 2 weeks, we've introduced 3 major patches:
================= Update 6 =================
On May 18th 2013, we introduced Update 6. Changes include:
  • Added Paintball, VIP only
  • Patched exploit in Bowspleef
================= Update 7 =================
On May 23rd 2013, we introduced Update 7. Changes include:
  • Opened Paintball to the public
  • Added AgentK hat ( :D ), Rezzus hat, and several others
  • Fixed database performance issues
  • Tweaked Victorian paintball map, made spawncamping more difficult, reduced lives to 150
  • Fixed adventure queue, fixed startup bugs in adventure instances
  • Added deathmatch pvp arena to adventure maps, VIP only
================= Update 8 =================
On May 29th 2013, we introduced Update 8. Changes include:
  • Fixed players crashing when logging into a full server
  • Fixed bugs with Limbo
  • Fixed players being teleported into incorrect lobbies at the end of a game

by AgentK at 11:22 AM
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This morning, May 11 2013, we implemented Update #5.
  • Stability improvements
  • Individual player queuing in lobby. Right click on the sign while not in a party to be added to a queue for that map. Once 4 people are queued for that map, a server will be assigned to you.
  • Changed invisibility slimeball to a clock
  • Dynamic server sign system. Sign sections have been made much smaller and servers will rotate through them as necessary (a nonjoinable server will be replaced with a joinable one after 10 seconds)
  • Networking improvements
  • AdventureLobby bugfixes
  • Hustwood map fixes
  • Arrival of new developer (codename_b), back from University!
  • More work on chat/spam filter

by AgentK at 3:46 PM
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Today, May 9 2013, we implemented Update #4
  • Adventure Lobby is open for VIP access
  • Fixed MasterControl reconnect failure (caused a lot of issues)
  • Fixed Parties
  • Added Party queuing for Adventure Lobby
  • Added 180 high-efficiency Minecraft instances for Adventures
  • Began work on less-buggy more-efficient networking system
  • Added /mute
  • Added slimeball, an item in lobbies that allows you to disable viewing of other players (You can't see them) to help reduce client lag. Right click to hide all other players, Right click to view them again. (Currently a bit buggy)
  • Tons of bugfixes

by AgentK at 8:58 PM
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So for those of you who don't know me, I'm AgentK (AgentKid in game). I'm one of the developers for Hypixel.net. I figured I'd start posting patch notes of the things we change when we change them. Major updates, ones that require us to take down the network, will have their own thread, while minor updates will be appended onto the most recent major update. Here's the first three patch notes:

==================== Update #1 ====================
April 20th, 2013
  • Moved to our new servers, providing 500 Minecraft server instances
  • Upgraded player capacity to 1,500 players.
  • Added MasterControl, a custom developed server management and load balancing system
  • Tiny performance improvements here and there
==================== Update #2 ====================
April 27th, 2013
  • Optimized MasterControl organization, fixed multi-bungee system
  • Fixed Walls exploit of using pistons on walls
  • Fixed PVP being disabled in walls (sorry about that one!)
  • Added more Walls servers
  • Attempted to fix signs not working properly
==================== Update #3 ====================
May 6th, 2013
  • Upgraded MasterControl, adding AdventureManager to handle the new Adventure system Working on this
  • Re-added Adventures with 180 high-efficiency dynamic minecraft server instances Working on this
  • Fixed NullPool, the problem that has plagued MasterControl since last week
  • Rewrote networking system to be more stable/efficient
  • Lowered price of Cold War map to 10 coins
  • Added new railgun in Quake, the BFG, with 1.1s reload time that fires blue fireworks on kill - 17000 Coins
  • Added armor in Quake, cosmetic only
    • Soldier Kit - Leather armor - 650 Coins
    • Elite Kit - Blue leather armor - 2250 Coins
    • Majestic Kit - Yellow leather armor - 2250 Coins
    • Commander Kit - Black leather armor - 2250 Coins
  • Moved to a custom build of BungeeCord with custom optimizations and MasterControl integration
  • Added Limbo, an overflow area for when things go haywire or the Main Hub gets full
  • Fixed animals being disabled on all servers (including walls)
  • Fixed signs jumping around while trying to click them
  • Moved to new sign numbering system

by Hypixel at 1:43 AM
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50, 000 subscribers wow...thank you everyone for being a part of this. A dream coming true pieces by pieces built by an awesome community!

I will try to release a 50k special soon, thanks again :D