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by Hypixel at 5:41 AM
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Hey guys!

We added new The Walls and VampireZ maps on the server in the last 24 hours and we will be adding more very soon!

Unnamed Map - by Mithrintia
Aztec - by Mithrintia

The beta testing of VampireZ is almost over, thanks for helping us out!

by AgentK at 6:16 AM
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Today, August 22, 13, we introduced the Blood Update. Changes include:
  • Introduced VampireZ (VIP beta)
  • Fixed Limbo FOV
  • Work on achievements framework
  • Work on uber-secret project
  • Fixed party sign queue
  • Fixed player join/leave messages being sent for all players on network when MCP was rebooted
  • Optimized party queue
  • Preparation for dynamic lobbies
  • More guild work
  • Updated Limbo signs (minor typo still present, "/lobby vamp" should be "/lobby v")
  • Menu optimization
  • TNTGames hat shop changed to glowstone dust
  • Fixed portals in Main Lobby
VampireZ will be public soon, we need people to report bugs, give us feedback and wait on the new map for it. When that's done we will put it public, should take a few days!

by AgentK at 5:55 AM
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On August 8th, 2013, we released the Friendship Update. Changes include:

  • Multiple players can be requested to join a party simultaneously
  • /msg, /party, /friend, and pretty much all commands are now case-insensitive for players' names.
  • Fixed /r not always sending to the correct person
  • Fixed random bad packet/gzip compression/end of stream connection problems
  • Parties can now be any size, but have the following restrictions:
    • Parties cannot be larger than 4 players (including leader) to join an adventure map
    • Parties, in order to play a map of a mini game, must have less players than the max-players of that map
  • Parties can now queue for mini games. Party leaders, just right click the sign that says "[PARTY]" in each lobby to open a map-selection menu. Click a map and your party will be TP'd into a server of that map.
  • Party members are removed from the party after 5 minutes of being offline
  • Parties whose leaders have been offline for 5 minutes are disbanded
  • A friends list has been added, /friend help for help
  • Friends can see each other with magic clock enabled -Working on it Fixed!
  • Friends can see join/leave notifications of each other. This can be disabled with /friend notifications.
  • Lobbies are now generated dynamically automatically as needed and removed automatically as needed.
  • Signs are now the same in every lobby of a minigame (All TNTGames lobbies' signs are the same, all Walls lobbies' signs are the same, etc)
  • Added functionality to provide for static servers, such as the upcoming VIP Lobby
  • Performance fixes
  • Fixed a minor crash bug in game servers
  • Fixed a major deadlock bug in all servers
  • Reorganized the network with less game servers per physical machine to reduce lag
  • More work on Guilds
  • Fixed /silence not working properly
  • Started work on /help
  • Added more administration tools to Pets
  • Fixed occasional
  • Tons of bug fixes
  • Made MasterControl sentient.
  • Began work on uber-secret project involving Blood, Flamethrowers, and other such things

by Hypixel at 6:37 AM
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This morning we added more game and lobby servers, allowing us to bump slots to 8500!
We also cleared the lag issues in TNT Wizards, added Hats in the TNT Games and did a bunch of fixes for the other games.

I have good news, not only we have a bunch of mini-games coming up but I'm also currently working on a "plugin" that will be very unique. But the thing is, it might take a while. All I can say is that If you like games like "World of Warcraft" or adventure maps, you are going to love this "plugin"!

On other news, Herobrine 3 is still in the works and should be relased in a few weeks, make sure you follow me on twitter and facebook for tease!

Oh yeah, I will be doing Coins and Pets giveaways on twitter and facebook pretty soon :)

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Hypixel
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Hypixel

Update: 8500 slots

by Hypixel at 6:36 PM
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Hey guys!

Just a quick update to let you know that we are adding more servers this week, it will allow us to handle more traffic, more games and reduce the lag we have been getting in some games like TNT Wizards.

The TNT Games are almost fully completed! Please keep reporting bugs and give us your feedback on the forums, thank you all!

Thanks to MCProHosting for their help, you can get 25% off on MC Servers with the code Hypixel http://mcprohosting.com/


by AgentK at 2:40 AM
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Over the past few weeks, we've introduced numerous new updates and I've forgotten to document exactly what changed, but changes include:
  • Introduced Blitz Survival Games
  • Fixed lots of BSG bugs
  • Optimized database more
  • Optimized Walls
  • Paintball Update 2.0 - New killstreaks and increased coins gain
  • Fixed BSG lobby lag

And as of tonight, we HAVE FIXED THE BOW BUG.
The bow bug caused disconnections when using a Bow or a Fishing Rod, with the disconnect message being either "bad packet XX", "Bad string length!", or a client crash. It has now been resolved network wide.

What's next?