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by AgentK at 4:17 AM
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Today, October 4th, we introduced Update #16. Features include:

  • Significant Walls Tournament preparation (Info about tournament here)
  • Near-finishing achievements system
  • More work on Guilds
  • Work on Boosters (Click here for Hypixel post about it)
  • Began work on new mini-game
  • Created always-active invisibility area on spawn platform of Main Lobby to help with client lag issues
  • Increased VIP+ from 2.5x coins to 3x coins
  • Tweaked spam filter slightly
  • Organized a LOT
  • Preparation to re-add dynamic lobby creation
  • Added multiple adventure lobbies
  • Removed adventure lobby from Hub box (should help with any lag on Main Lobby)
  • Added VIP lobby
  • Worked on /party join (not sure if it's fully working yet)
  • Togglable Walls perks
  • Tweaked multiplier, now allows for variable multiplier
  • Rewrote Pets from scratch
  • Moved around Pets packages.
  • Heavy work on Quake v2
  • New Walls Perks and Items
  • Updated NoCheatPlus network-wide
  • Added latest BungeeCord fixes and optimizations
  • Started work on a full-network overhaul to optimize everything, everywhere
  • Planned out Justice System (Staff Perks)
  • Began work on Halloween Pets
  • Helped Mithrintia setup their server so we can have new maps soon!
Hypixel's note: There are a lot of new maps coming up on the server, along with tons of cool feature that will make the server way more fun, stay tuned! Please make sure to report any bugs, as we changed a lot of things behind the scenes to prepare for achievement system, thanks!

by Hypixel at 4:00 AM
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The Walls has been updated with several new Perks, Starter Kits and Tournament System Features. For the full list of updates click here.
Staring on Saturday 10:00 am Eastern Time, everyone will be automatically entering the tournament by just playing games and it will last about 36 hours.

Tournament Tokens
This weekend, you will earn 1 Tournament Token per games played, however only a maximum of 20 Tournament Tokens can be earned. Those can be used to unlock new unique Starter Kits and Perks. You can save up those Tokens from tournament to tournament and from other games as well.

Rating System
For this first tournament, we will be using a ladder system with rating; winning games will give 10 rating, killing enemies will give 1 rating, losing or leaving games will reduce your rating by 6 and dying will reduces it by 1. This is our first tournament, we will be using improved system later on. Read more here about why we are using rating.

The top 10 players will be receiving extra Tournament Tokens, Pets, Coins and much more. You can actually go in The Walls lobbies and check behind the big podium for more details.

Official Tournament Sponsor
The official sponsor of the tournament is MCProHosting, you can get 25% off your server using the "hypixel" promo code by clicking here.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments and I'll do my best to update the post.

by Hypixel at 2:46 PM
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Hello! We are proud to announce that tournaments on the Hypixel Server will happen on a regular basis and because of that we are introducing a new currency called Tournament Tokens!

Every time there is a tournament going, you will be able to earn a maximum of 20 Tournament Tokens by playing games. The top 10 of a tournament will receive additional Tournament Tokens of course, making them a step ahead on cool unique perks, but still making those perks available in the future for participants that were not fortunate enough to win.

Tournament Tokens will be global, which means you could earn yours in The Walls but use them in the Quakecraft shop. You can spend to unlock unique perks, items, kits and much more.

Tournament Tokens will not be in the online store.

For the next few weeks, we will be updating all games with those unique shop items, make sure you stay tuned for more information.
Make sure you don't miss your first opportunity to make some Tokens this upcoming weekend!

by Hypixel at 6:58 PM
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Here's some quick information about the upcoming first The Walls Tournament that will be occurring next weekend.

The tournament will last around 24 to 36 hours on Oct. 5-6. Official hours will be posted this week.

How do I enter?
Just by playing The Walls on that weekend when the Tournament happens, you will be automatically participating.

How does it work?
There will be a new stats called "Tournament Rating" that will act like a ladder system to sort out the top 10 players. Wins and kills will reward rating. Losing, leaving and dying will subtract rating. You can't go below 0 rating, don't worry about that. You will be able to see your Tournament Rating on the scoreboard in the Walls lobby.
Example (Not the official numbers)
Wins a game: +10 Walls Tournament Rating
Kill a player: +1 Walls Tournament Rating
Lose or leave game before it ends: -6 Walls Tournament Rating
Death or : -1 Walls Tournament Rating
Since we had limited time to make this tournament happen, we didn't use complex algorithm to make it perfectly balanced, playing as a team will be very important if you want to make it in the top 10. In the future we will separate solo and team with a tournament queuing system.

What are the prizes?
Official prizes will be announced this week, including but not limited to unique Walls Perks, Coins, Pets and much more. A giant podium will be in The Walls lobby for that weekend, showing the top 10 players.
The prizes will be greater if you are closer to #1, the top 3 players will receive cool stuff.

Over the course of the next few months we are going to have lots of tournaments and we will be trying different tournament system to find the best way for us to have tournaments more often without having the trouble of organizing one with thousands of participants.

You guys have a week to prepare! What are you waiting for ? :)
If you have any questions, please ask here.

Possible that we add a maximum of game played. Not sure yet.


This is a first tournament where we want to test water.

This is not a perfect system, suggestions are good but far from being realistic in thetimeframe we have.

This is just the first tournament system, we need to work on it. Stop complaining, it just shows why no one does tournament, because there will always be people complaining and it's a lot of trouble for the organizers.

We can be honest here, there will never be a perfect system for everyone. Because in the end, not everyone can win, and that my friends some people can't accept that, they will blame the system and the organizers.
It's like when I used to do giveaway on the servers, everyone wanted giveaways but as soon as it was over I had hate messages and people were REALLY frustrated even tho I could have just donated over 1000$ worth of stuff in 30 minutes. Everyone wants to be a winner.

There is more than 100,000 unique players that plays The Walls on weekends, now with a tournament that number will double. You can't just play 5 games of walls and be #1, you have to play a lot of games to stand out, that's why our option is Ladder system using ratings. Because you guys don't have an initial "rating" we can't pair you against people of your skill so that's out of the question for a new system.
To the people saying that people who play the most will win... well if they are not good enough, they will lose rating and will take way more time to get rating than other players. Good teams could win in like 8 hours and call it a day while bad team could take a week to reach the same rating.

I see people complaining that they will have to play a lot... well of course you are going to play a lot, you can't just play 5 games and win the whole tournament against 200,000competitors, you need to work your rating and win but also avoid loses, which is something more interesting than some other ladders I've seen where the winner is the guy that just played the most, even tho he wasn't good. We are talking about a 24 to 36 hours timeframe, not week or even a month.

We have to take in account people leaving, going afk, timezones, solo players, team players, griefers, people having RL stuff.
We can't do organized matches with over 200,000 players, we need to find out who are the best players in ladders, just like League of Legends, World of Warcraft or any other games. They didn't do organized tournament before they knew who were their top players and then organize professional tournament with them. World of Warcraft for example had this place called Arena Tournament where you would fight your way up with rating, then the top teams would get to participate in the championships.

However I want to have public tournament, not private where only a selected 100 people get to play over 200,000. People would complain even more because they wouldn't be able to participate. Now we are going to have a weekend full of people playing walls, along with some walls updates to make people happy. Even solo players can have fun this weekend.

by Hypixel at 11:36 PM
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Hey guys!

Because of the issues we had with the official Minecraft logins this weekend, we decided to do another Double Coins Weekend early october! Why not next weekend ? Well because the login issue might not be fixed by then, so to make sure the next DCW works, we will wait a few weeks and see how it goes! Also, instead of ending the DCW at midnight today, we are going to extend it by 8 hours. The DCW weekend will end on Monday 8:00 AM US Eastern Time.

On a bright note, we hit 11720 players online right before the login crashed! Breaking the our old world record of 11550! Thank you for playing and hopefully next time we won't have any issues :D

Do you guys like events like this on the server ? Let me know in the comments and I'll consider making more!

by Hypixel at 12:31 AM
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We decided to brighten up your weekend with some fun perks to forget about your stressful school week!

Starting Friday the 20th at 11:59pm US Eastern Time and ending on 11:59pm US Eastern Time on Sunday the 22nd.
That means regular users will get 2x, VIP 4x and VIP+ 5x the coins in all minigames.
Tell all your friends and see you this weekend!

Play now at mc.hypixel.net

Minecraft logins/sessions are DOWN!
Because of the current issues with the official Minecraft Login/Session servers, we are going to have another Double Coins Weekend in early october. A date will be announced within the next few days. Thank you.